International Meeting on

Petroleum Engineering

Singapore   November 7- 8, 2017

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Meetings International is a Singapore based Company which organizes premium international conferences with predominantly business and academic client base. The key strategic objective of Meetings International is to communicate science and research between academia and the industry. Most of its events are in the Asia Pacific and live streamed. All major meetings of Meetings International are accredited with Continued Professional Education (CPD), Continued Education (CE), Continued Medical Education (CME) Credits.

The popularity of Petroleum Engineering has increased significantly in recent years.Petroleum Engineering is considered as a relatively new among other Engineering disciplines. The boundaries of Petroleum Engineering are well defined in the first quarter of the twentieth century. In 1915, specialized Petroleum Engineering programs were established in the United States universities followed by other universities worldwide. From that time Petroleum Engineering science was rapidly growing and evolving to provide the humanity with the power source for the modern technology. As demand for oil and its derivatives is increasing, education, research, and technology are also rapidly developing to drive the oil and gas sector forward by developing new technical solutions, standards and industry best practices. Petroleum Meeting will bring together key decision makers and innovators within this rapidly growing field. This intensive 2-Day program will examine various innovations and advancements. The event will cover Petroleum Geology, Geophysical Exploration, Hydraulic Fracturing, Advanced Drilling Technologies, Petroleum Refineries, Computer Applications in Petroleum Engineering, Computational Modelling, Petroleum Desulphurization, Reservoir Engineering & Reservoir Simulation, Advanced Natural Gas Engineering, Petrophysics &Petrochemistry, New frontiers in Petroleum Engineering, Major Challenges in Petroleum Industry, Environmental Impacts in Petroleum Engineering, Petroleum Substitutes, Petroleum Economics. Join the industry’s leading executives from numerous leading organizations to discuss and hear unique take-home examples, case studies and multiple development and delivery strategies to assist in reducing time-to-market on future products. Attend to gain an unmatched experience in the Petroleum Engineering field.

Meetings International Petroleum Meeting will offer you an unmatched attendee experience. In addition to the many scientific sessions and take-home case study examples, you will leave this event with many other novel development strategies from some of our workshops and symposiums. Engage in dynamic conversation with your industry peers at our multiple networking sessions, and takeaway novel advancements and commercialization strategies in Petroleum Engineering which could speed up time to market and save your organization millions. We hope you will join us in Singapore this November to enhance your capabilities and increase time to market on Petroleum and its derrivatives.