International Meeting on

Petroleum Engineering

Singapore   November 7- 8, 2017

Dr Samir I Abu-Eishah

Dr Samir I Abu-Eishah

United Arab Emirates University


Prof. Abu-Eishah has Chemical Engineering degrees: PhD from Lehigh University (USA, 1982), M.Sc. from Iowa State University (USA, 1979) and B.Sc. from Cairo University (Egypt, 1975). He has 32 years of experience with outstanding records in teaching, research and services. Prof. Abu-Eishah was Chairman of Chemical Engineering Department at Jordan University of Science & Technology, JUST (AY 1986/1987 and Jan 1996-Aug 1997). He used to be responsible for the implementation of the Chemical Engineering Department strategic plan that has moved the BSc and Master Programs at JUST (and later at the University of Bahrain and UAE University) to a real national technical asset with a well-international reputation. He has good experience with the ABET program that he gained during his work at JUST, University of Bahrain, and at UAE University, in particular. Prof. Abu-Eishah has excellent leadership and communication skills, excellent reputation and very good relations with his students, faculty colleagues, administration, etc. He has excellent experience with engineering software packages (Hysys, Aspen, Optimization, Numerical Recipes, etc.) He built his own packages for Vapor-Liquid Equilibrium, Azeotropic Distillation Design, Thermophysical Properties of Materials, Critical Properties of Mixtures, Reaction Kinetics, Filtration Characteristics, Two-Phase Heat Flow, and others. He has over 40 international publications.

Research Interest

Dearomatization of Oil Fractions, Conversion of CO2 to HCs, CO2 recovery using Ionic Liquids, Modeling & Simulation