World Congress on

Biopolymers and Bioplastics

Berlin, Germany   August 29-30, 2018

Luc Averous

Luc Averous

Head of Polymer Research
University of Strasbourg


Pr. Luc Averous is a Group (BioTeam) Leader, Head of Polymer Research Department at ICPEES (UMR CNRS 7515) - University of Strasbourg (France), and former Lab Director. He started as Polymer Engineer (EAHP-Strasbourg). Then in 1995, he obtained his PhD in Polymer Science & Eng. (Ecole des Mines de Paris). After two post-doctoral positions (Ecole Polytechnique de Montreal-Canada,), he became A/Prof. at the Packaging Engineering School (Reims) in 1997. Finally in 2003, he became a Full Professor at ECPM (Strasbourg), where he teaches biopolymers science, biomaterials, composites, polymers characterization & processing. During the last two decades, his major research projects have dealt with biobased and/or biodegradable polymers for environmental & biomedical applications. As a leading international expert in these fields, he has developed strong collaborations with several foreign labs (Australia, Brazil, Canada, Spain,) and major companies (Total, Soprema, Tereos, PSA,). He serves as a member of research advisory boards for different companies. In France or overseas, he is regularly invited to co-organize Conferences, to chair Symposia, and to give plenary or keynote lectures. He has co-edited 4 books (2 Wiley, Elsevier & Springer). He is a member of several Editorial Boards, and Guest Editor for scientific journals. He is a referee for many scientific journals, books and international projects. He has published hundreds of scientific communications with around 7000 citations & H-Index = 40 (Scopus data)

Research Interest

- Biopolymers: polysaccharides & bacterial polymers - Renewable and biodegradable (co-)polyesters - Biobased and durable macromolecular architectures (TPU, PUR, PIR, NIPU, PA,) with building blocks from different biomass (lignins, tannins, fatty acids, sugar) - Multiphase bio-systems (Nano & composites, blends,) - Enzymatic catalysis / White Biotech - Biomaterials for biomedical (Tissue Eng.: Electrospin. & 3DPrinting, Biosensor, Control. release,)

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