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Singapore City, Singapore

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About City

Singapore is a island city-state in sea Southeast Asia. It lies around one level of scope (137 kilometers or 85 miles) north of the equator, off the southern tip of the Malay Peninsula, lining the Straits of Malacca toward the west, the Riau Islands (Indonesia) toward the south, and the South China Sea toward the east. The country's region is made out of one primary island, 63 satellite islands and islets, and one distant islet, the consolidated space of which has expanded by 25% since the country's autonomy because of broad land recovery projects. It has the second most noteworthy populace thickness on the planet. With a multicultural populace and perceiving the need to regard social characters, Singapore has four authority dialects: English, Malay, Mandarin Chinese and Tamil. English is the most widely used language. Multiracialism is revered in the constitution, and keeps on molding public strategies in schooling, lodging, and governmental issues. 
August is a month of outrageous climate for Singapore, mostly in a wonderful way. This is the point at which the nation has minimal measure of downpour, the least humidty, and the most daylight. It is likewise Singapore's windiest month. Daytime temperatures at Singapore normally go no higher than 95 degrees Fahrenheit (35 degrees Celsius).Night time temperatures just once in a while get as low as 67 °F (20 °C).February is Singapore's sunniest month with a normal of 6.5 long stretches of sun a day.

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Tourist Spots

1. Marina Bay Sands

2. Botanic Gardens

3.Singapore Zoo

4.Singapore Flyer


6.Sentosa Island

Research Centres

1.Centre for Quantitative Medicine

2.Centre for Technology and Development

3.Centre for Computational Biology

4.Centre of Regulatory Excellence


1.Singapore College of Traditional Chinese Medicine

2.National University of Singapore

3.University Health Centre

4.Division of Graduate Medical Studies

5.Lee Kong Chian School of Medicine

6.NTU Chinese Medicine Clinic


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