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Dhiya Al Jumeily


April 29-30, 2022 | 09:30 AM GMT


Osaka, Japan

Dhiya Al Jumeily

Dhiya Al Jumeily

Liverpool John Moores University,, United Kingdom


Dhiya Al-Jumeily is a professor of Artificial Intelligence and the Associate Dean of External Engagement for the Faculty of Engineering and Technology. He has extensive research interests covering a wide variety of interdisciplinary perspectives concerning the theory and practice of Applied Computing in medicine, human biology, and health care. He has published well over 200 peer reviewed scientific publications, 6 books and 5 book chapters, in multidisciplinary research areas including: Technology Enhanced Learning, Applied Artificial Intelligence, Neural Networks, Signal Prediction, Telecommunication Fraud Detection, AI-based clinical decision-making, medical knowledge engineering, Human-Machine Interaction, intelligent medical information systems, wearable, and intelligent devices and instruments. But his current research passion is decision support systems for self-management of health and disease.

Research Interest:

Dhiya has successfully supervised +20 PhD students’ studies and has been an external examiner to various UK and overseas Universities for undergraduate, postgraduate and research degrees. He has been actively involved as a member of the editorial board and review committee for a number of peer-reviewed international journals and is on the program committee or as a general chair for a number of international conferences.