International Conference on

Breast Cancer

Dubai, UAE   December 03-04, 2018

Breast Cancer 2018

Theme: Paving paths for discoveries for better diagnosis and awareness

Breast Cancer Conference is delighted to welcome the participants from all over the world to attend the prestigious International Conference on Breast Cancer scheduled in Dubai, UAE. Breast Cancer Conference provides the global coliseum to international scholars and researchers to voice their research findings to the world. With representatives from all the major cancer biology countries in attendance the atmosphere is exciting with open and friendly interaction between attendees. This is a conference, providing an opportunity for the Cancer biology & Breast Cancer biology to learn about current and upcoming issues, explore new developments in breast cancer Biology, and interact with others with similar interests.



Session 1: Breast Cancer Therapy, Prevention and Medicine

Drugs used to treat breast cancer area unit thought of general therapies because they'll reach cancer cells virtually any place within the body therapy area unit cutting out, Breast-sparing surgery, therapy, Stereotactic Radiosurgery, internal secretion therapy and Targeted medical aid. Reduce the prospect of developing breast cancer for girls at higher risk; health care suppliers might advocate medical aid alongside one among many medications primarily based upon a careful risk assessment. Estragon receptor modulators (ERM) is another name for these medications, these includes estrogen antagonist and Raloxifene. Aromatase inhibitors area unit another cluster of medications; they're effective for the breast cancer interference. These medications forestall growth that area unit far-famed to be tuned in to feminine hormones. This scientific session of the Breast Cancer Conference is to bring all medication methods into light.

Session 2: Breast Cancer and Pregnancy

Breast cancer affects more or less one in 3000 pregnant girls and is that the second most common malignancy affecting the physiological state. Physiological state consequences in primary modifications during a lady's life, bodily, showing emotion, socially and economically and jeopardises her transition into maturity. This scientific session of the Breast Cancer Conference shall provide with the necessary precautions during pregnancy.

Session 3: Cancer and Tumour Immunology

Cancer immunology shows the relationship between the immune system and the progression of cancer. The Basic mechanism of the immune system as it relates to cancer has been increasing rapidly. Although there is ample evidence for anti-tumour immune reactivity in humans, evidence for immunity against malignancy comes mostly from experimental studies with animals to prevent the progression of neoplastic tissue, the immune system identifies the transformed cells which is called Cancer immunosurveilance. According to the Immune Surveillance Theory, cancer cells that arise in the body are eliminated by the immune system. However, due to impaired immune reactivity, cancer cells may escape destruction. This particular scientific session of the Breast Cancer Conference shall highlight immune therapy related to tumors.

Session 4: Surgeries for Breast Cancer

Most women with breast cancer have some sort of surgery as a part of their treatment. There an area unit differing kind of breast surgery and it’s going to be in serious trouble completely different reasons, depending on matters. 2 main sort of surgery to get rid of breast cancer-Breast-conserving surgery and excision Common treatment for breast cancer is Surgery, removal of the maximum amount of the cancer as potential is that the main purpose of the surgery. Differing kinds of surgeries area unit offered. Some sort of surgery may be a half treatment for many ladies with breast cancer. Throughout the breast-conserving surgery most of the breast half containing cancer is removed in addition as some a part of encompassing tissues is additionally removed. Excision includes the removal of entire breast, double excision is additionally worn out some cases I that each the breasts area unit removed. In this specific scientific session of the Breast Cancer Conference, speakers shall discuss about the various types of surgeries.

Session 5: Stages of Breast Cancer

The most common staging system for breast cancer is that the TNM system. For breast cancer there are five stages like in place breast cancer, non-invasive, early stage carcinoma, regionally advanced breast cancer, pathologic process carcinoma. This scientific session of the Breast Cancer Conference the types and symptoms of different stages of breast cancer shall be looked upon thoroughly.

Session 6: Cancer Pharmacology

In order to scale back the impact of the recovery/resistance drawback, the key principles to cancer drug medical aid are: Use high doses (including increasing doses throughout treatment; referred to as Dose Escalation) use serial programing throughout combination therapy. The truth is that cytotoxic medicine has an effect on traditional tissues yet it is used, as malignancies aim for a favourable therapeutic index. This scientific session of the Breast Cancer Conference focuses on pharmaceutical grounds. 

Session 7: Breast Cancer: Challenges, Breakthroughs

As we have a tendency to notice the complexness ensuing from the excessiveness of biologically distinct subtypes, conducting clinical trials to assess a number of the newer agents together with cytotoxic and different modalities can become progressively necessary. breast cancer is that the second most simple cancer worldwide when carcinoma, the fifth most conventional reason for wellness passing, and therefore the main supply of cancer death in girls. This scientific session of the Breast Cancer Conference shall focus on the challenges that the disease is facing and the breakthroughs it has come past.

Session 8: Chemotherapy for Breast Cancer

Chemotherapy treatment uses drugs to weaken and destroy cancer cells within the body, together with cells at the initial cancer web site and any cancer cells which will have unfold to a different a part of the body. Therapy, often shortened to simply "chemo," may be a general medical care, which suggests it affects the total body by probing the blood. There square measure many things during which chemo could also be recommended: when surgery (adjuvant chemotherapy), before surgery (neoadjuvant chemotherapy), advanced carcinoma. Chemo will be used because the main treatment for girls whose cancer has unfold outside the breast and underarm space, either once it's diagnosed or when initial treatments. This scientific session of the Breast Cancer Conference is specifically about chemotherapy for breast cancer.

Session 9: Optimal Breast Cancer Pathology – Organisation

Clinical ramifications and cancer nursing in light-weight of the rates of agony and totally different manifestations recorded within the writing, changes in clinical follow area unit expected to reduce the aspect impact weight of occupants with cancer. Be that because it could, ensure based mostly follow norms still cannot appear to be characterised for the actual world of occupants with illness. Essential care and cancer nursing could be a care conveyance framework that backings skilful nursing follow. Within Primary Nursing, a remedial relationship is about up between associate degree registered nurture and a personal patient and his or her family. This scientific session of the Breast Cancer Conference is abouth pathology in breast cancer.

Session 10: Oncology Nursing and Palliative care

Cancer patients and their families across the cancer mehanical phenomenon expertise serious physical and psychosocial symptoms and no secular considerations.  Medical specialty nurses have contributed to the evolving field of palliative care, and also the continuing education of medical specialty nurses during this specialty is important to quality look after patients and families. The ELNEC-Oncology program could be a national collaboration with ONS that gives medical specialty nurses with the tools and experience to effectively spread palliative care content to colleagues at intervals their native chapters and work settings. This scientific session of the Breast Cancer Conference will deal with issues like the difference between hospice care and palliative care, pain management, psychosocial and emotional care on a spiritual level.

Breast Cancer Conference is delighted to welcome the participants from all over the world to attend the prestigious International Conference on Breast Cancer scheduled during December 03-04,2018 in Dubai, UAE   

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International Breast Cancer Conference 2018 offer a platform for sharing of data concerning the breast cancer treatment techniques and fresh developed techniques for a similar still as offer platform concerning the recent researches on carcinoma. This event includes prompt keynote shows, oral talks, poster shows and exhibitions. International breast cancer 2018 deals with breast cancer data and characteristics, Screening, sleuthing and diagnosis breast cancer, carcinoma medical care, hindrance and drugs, Surgery selections for breast cancer, Personalized drugs, Clinical trials of carcinoma, Male breast cancer and carcinoma Nursing. Breast cancer is that the main sort of cancer from that most of the ladies square measure suffering worldwide. Awareness concerning the carcinoma risks, symptoms and treatment is extremely vital.

Breast cancer biology in Middle East:

The impression among Arab Physicians handling breast cancer is that it presents at associate earlier age and at an additional advanced stage as compared to western countries. However, the applied math information to support this impression is remarkably scarce. Breast cancer incidence varied wide among the four collaborating countries, with the very best rates in human Israeli ladies (100.4/100,000) and therefore the lowest rates in Turkish ladies (50.7/100,000). In place carcinoma were significantly higher within the SEER population than within the MECC written account population.

Breast cancer biology in Dubai:

The number of women being diagnosed with breast cancer in the UAE has gone up by 20% over the past six years.According to a Dubai Health Authority study, many of those patients are below the age of 40 and have a family history of cancer.Experts advise those with a family history of breast cancer, to start self-breast examinations by the age of 20 and see a doctor every three years.Nearly 40 per cent of cancer cases diagnosed in the UAE are that of breast cancer and over 20 per cent of all female deaths in the country can be attributed to breast cancer, said aid an oncologist on the sidelines of launching the Pink it Now campaign of Zulekha Health care group.

Breast cancer biology in USA & Canada:

In the year twenty17 nearly thirteen of all cancers diagnosed in adults ages 20 and older are rare cancers, during this report as a cancer with fewer than vi cases per 100,000 individuals each year. This year’s special section reviews statistics for twenty eight rare cancers, together with incidence and mortality rates and trends, stage at identification, and survival, and additionally provides a summary of risk factors and symptoms for choose cancers. it's supposed to tell anyone concerning| inquisitive about| fascinated by} learning additional about rare cancers in adults, together with policy manufacturers, researchers, clinicians, cancer management advocates, patients, and caregivers.

Breast cancer biology in UK & Europe:

Breast cancer is that the most typical variety of cancer within the United Kingdom & Europe, however survival over the last forty years has nearly doubled. Today, eight in ten ladies diagnosed with breast cancer can survive their unwellness for ten years or additional. In United Kingdom breast cancer Care survey found one in four ladies (26%) notice the tip of treatment the toughest a part of breast cancer and only 1 in ten (10%) say they felt positive and prepared to maneuverer on once they were discharged from hospital treatment. over [*fr1] (53%) struggled with anxiety at the tip of treatment and nearly a 3rd (31%) with depression.

Breast cancer biology in Asia-Pacific:

Breast cancer is that the commonest cancer in most countries in Asia. The incidence rates stay low, though increasing at a lot of fast rate than in western countries, as a result of changes within the fashion and diet. Asia compared with western countries several variations between breast cancers. The mean age at onset is younger than within the west, and in contrast to the west, the age-specific incidence decreases once the age of fifty years. as a result of there's no population-based carcinoma screening program within the majority of Asian countries, the bulk of patients present with advanced illness .In Asia pacific there's a better proportion of endocrine receptor-negative patients

Top Universities around the World:

  • Georg-August University, Göttingen, Germany
  • National Center for Tumor Diseases (NCT), Dresden, Germany
  • Breast Center, Holweide Hospital, Cologne, Germany.
  • National Center for Tumor Diseases (NCT) Heidelberg
  • Charité Comprehensive Cancer Center
  • Breast Cancer Research Centre, Rheinische Friedrich-Wilhelms-University of Bonn, Bonn, German
  • International Agency for Research on Cancer, Lyon, France
  • National Cancer Institute, Cairo University, Cairo, Egypt
  • National Cancer Institute, Bethesda, MD, USA
  •  Haceteppe University Institute of Oncology, Ankara, Turkey
  • Israel Cancer Association
  • National University of Singapore
  • Hong Kong University of Science & Technology
  • Peking University
  • The Chinese University of Hong Kong
  • University of Hong Kong

Top Societies and Association around the World:

  • American Cancer Society
  • American Society for Radiation Oncology
  • American Society of Paediatric Haematology/Oncology
  • Association of Cancer Physicians
  • Cancer Relief Society Nepal
  • Cancer Society of Finland
  • Cancer Society of New Zealand
  • Breast Screen Australia Program
  • Indonesian Society of Gynecologic Oncology
  • International Gynecologic Cancer Society
  • Iranian Society of Radiation Oncology
  • Japanese Breast Cancer Society
  • Thai Gynecologic Cancer Society
  • Spanish Oncology Nursing Society
  • Kuwait Cancer Control Center
  • Hayatt Foundation Kuwait
  • National Cancer Institute
  • International Agency for Research on Cancer, Lyon, France
  • National Cancer Institute, Cairo University, Cairo, Egypt
  • National Cancer Institute, Bethesda, MD, USA
  •  Haceteppe University Institute of Oncology, Ankara, Turkey
  • Israel Cancer Association
  • National University of Singapore
  • Radiotherapy and Radiology
  • Breast Cancer Therapy, Prevention and Medicine
  • Breast Cancer and Pregnancy
  • Cancer and Tumour Immunology
  • Surgery Choice for Breast Cancer
  • Breast Cancer Stages
  • Cancer Pharmacology
  • Breast Cancer: Challenges, Breakthroughs
  • Chemotherapy for Breast Cancer
  • Optimal Breast Cancer Pathology- Organisation
  • Oncology Nursing and Palliative care

8 Organizing Committee Members

17 Renowned Speakers

Eric A Strom

University Of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center

Shayma Master Kazmi

Cancer Treatment Centers of America

Eleftheria V Ignatiadou

Metaxa Memorial Institut

Wassil Nowicky

Ukrainian Anti-Cancer Institute

Yassine Rahim

University of Oran

Beatriz E Amendola

Innovative Cancer Institute

Jillian Hayes

NCCCR Hamad Medical Corporation

Mira Bajirova

Consultant Ob-Gyn, IVF

Mahabaleshwar Hegde

Bharati Vidyapeeth Deemed university

Elisabeth Sanabria Gualdi

University of Barcelona

Mohamed Y Almaghrabi

King Abdullah Medical City
Saudi Arabia

Mona Malekzadeh

Shahid Beheshti University of Medicine

Azar Fanipakdel

Mashhad university of medical science

Ali Hessami

Technical manager of Mostoufi pathobiology laboratory

Nahid Nafissi

Iran university of medical science

Muhammad Javaid Afzal

The University of Lahore

Maha A.Elhady Almona Ali

Sudan University of Science and Technology

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