International Conference on

Cancer Therapy

Osaka, Japan   July 23-24, 2018

Israel Gutierrez

Israel Gutierrez

Manager at Harrens Lab Inc
Harrens Lab Inc


Acquired about 20-years of belly-to-the bench experience in the microbiology and chemistry laboratory. He specialized in CANNABIS TESTING, FOOD TESTING, ENVIRONMENTAL TESTING, CHEMISTRY TESTING, MICROBIOLOGY TESTING and PRODUCT DEVELOPMENT. In addition, he has collaboratively worked with numerous clients to test their product's efficacy at killing bacterial or fungal microbes as well as nutritional labeling and FDA detain needs.He has also acquired a few years of experience teaching lecture and lab at the community college level so I am well respected and trustworthy within your local community. Moreover, he is incredibly savvy at respecting client confidentiality and being readily available to help out 24/7.

Research Interest

Cannabis Testing Expert

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