2nd International Conference on

Cardiology & Cardiac Nursing

Paris, France   June 18-20, 2018

Daniel A Lichtenstein

Daniel A Lichtenstein

Medical Intensivist
Ambroise-Pare Hospital


Daniel A Lichtenstein is a Medical Intensivist working at Ambroise-Paré Hospital (Paris-West, France) since 1989 and he is a Visiting Professor. His main developments are: Use of critical ultrasound since 1985, defined in 1991 as a discipline associating ultrasound diagnoses and immediate therapies, with adjunct uses. He has published several articles, mostly focused on Lung and Venous Ultrasound, including: BLUE-protocol (acute respiratory failure), FALLS-protocol (lung ultrasound for management of acute circulatory failure), SESAME-protocol (cardiac arrest) and lung ultrasound in critically ill neonates.

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