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Radisson Narita 650-35 Nanae Tomisato-Shi Narita 286-0221 Japan

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Tokyo is the imperial capital of Japan known as Tokyo Metropolis, one of the world’s most densely populated cities combining the elements of a city and a prefecture. There are more than 35 million residents in Tokyo that makes it largest and busiest metropolitan area in the world. Tokyo is regarded as one of the fascinating cities where the latest trends and the oldest traditions meeting together.  “Eastern Capital” is the translation for the name Tokyo. The Tokyo Skytree is regarded as the tallest free-standing tower in the world that measures 634m. The observation deck is considered to be the world’s highest skywalk and offers panoramic views of the city. The cherry blossom garden is glazed as the national symbol of Japan. These trees bloom for one or two weeks a year starting in the month of April. This period is known as Hanami, the long standing tradition of welcoming spring festival for admiring the contemplative beauty of nature. Shinjuku station is the largest and busiest railway station in the world with an average of about 3.70 million passengers to pass through the station each day. Tokyo has more Michelin stars than any other city in the world with neon signs that makes a trademark of the streets full of neon lights. The city is also nurtured with various museums, gardens, Mount Fuji, the Imperial palace and many more authentic attractions that creates a blissful picturesque of the city. Vending machines are incredibly popular in Tokyo at a distance of 12 meters and those sell from foods to toiletries. Another identifiable landmark in Tokyo is the Shibuya Crossing where about 2,500 people crossing at one time. The Harajuku neighbourhood is renowned as the gist of Tokyo’s teen fashion and Japanese street fashion. Tokyo is one of the best shopping destinations in the world where tourists can take advantage of tax free shopping which is available at licensed stores when making purchases. Tokyo's subway is famous as one of the busiest in the world where millions of people use the subway and railway daily. Above all these mentions it is one of the safest cities to travel as crimes against tourists are extremely rare and has one of the lowest crime rates per capita of any major cities in the world.


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Beautiful location in the heart of the city


Radisson Narita 650-35 Nanae Tomisato-Shi Narita 286-0221 Japan


To get to the venue place, you can take one of the city bus lines, tube or railway service. All the services are comfortable to reach into the place.