International Conference on

Clinical & Experimental Dermatology

Las Vegas | USA   July 16-17, 2018

Nuha Nuwayri-Salti

Nuha Nuwayri-Salti

Founder and leader of the NIH supported Leishmania Research Group, AUB, Beirut
American University of Beirut


Dr. Nuha participated in teaching a course sponsored by WHO and the department of Dermatology at AUB, for three different groups composed of teachers in Medicine from Africa (Sudan), North Africa (Arab countries), Greece, Cyprus, and the Arab countries east of the Mediterranean coast including Iraq and Iran. She was then appointed at AUB Faculty of Medicine in the Human Morphology department where she established the “Laboratory for leucocyte studies (major cells in the immune system in the body): under different situations their form, composition and surface markers, function, and secretions. She volunteered to teach at sister Faculties of medicine (at the Arab University, a branch in Beirut of the University of Cairo in Egypt, and at the Makassed teaching hospital in Beirut, a private institution) for several years. She volunteered monthly lectures, for 17 years, in different schools of medicine all over Syria invited by Dr. Iyad Shatti (who trained in the USA) and was for 17 years minister of health with former president of the Syrian republic Hafez Assad. Dr. Nuha and team created an outpatient clinic, to serve during our free time (usually week ends, when not on duty) in Camp Shatila, inhabited by refugees, who were excessively needy (Lebanese, Palestinians and Syrians). They delivered health care and health education. All was totally free: medical care including obstetrics and pediatrics, laboratory testing, medications and a well- baby clinic, providing quality baby milk, formula and diapers. She has been an acting Chairwoman of the department of Human Morphology several times for short periods. She also chaired the Animal House committee. Dr. Nuha was appointed the chairperson of the committee for the Middle East Medical Assembly. It was the most prestigious congress in medicine in the entire area. It consisted of an international multidisciplinary medical congress.

Research Interest

Epidemiology, Body systems, skin, genetics, metabolic and infectious diseases