International Conference on

Diabetes and Healthcare

Dr. Marco Songini

Dr. Marco Songini

San Michele Hospital Cagliari, Sardinia


Doctor Marco Songini is the Director Center for the Treatment of Complications of Diabetes, San Michele Hospital Cagliari, Sardinia, Italy. Doctor Marco Songini has published over 161 papers on the subject of atherosclerosis and epidemiology of Diabetes. He is a recognized expert in the etiopathology and epidemiology of type 1 diabetes and diabetes in general. After obtaining a degree in Medicine from the University of Cagliari in 1977, he obtained his specialization in Diabetology, University of Turin (1980), his specialization in Endocrinology, University of Rome (1984) and specialization in Dietology, University of Cagliari (1988).

Research Interest

Dr Songini has always been dedicated to the research of the etiopathogenic causes of diabetes. About this, he has contributed to the research in several studies on diabetes such as EURODIAB, EURODIAB PCS, TRIGR, Conscript, Studies, Migrant Studies, The Newborns Sardinia Insulin-Dependent Diabetes Mellitus Study, The Sardinia Schoolchildren Insulin-Dependent Diabetes Mellitus Study, Environmental Factor Study and the Ecological/Environmental/Veterinarian Variables Type 1 Diabetes Mellitus Study

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