September 20-21, 2021 | 09:00 AM SGT


Zurich, Switzerland

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MedVoyage Since 2017, Medvoage has been dynamically operating. Due to the extreme high quality of the services offered, our company, which began its activities in three directions, was able to gain confidence and increase the number of these services in a relatively short period of time. The focus of the company is to bring the opportunities and innovations in the healthcare field of Azerbaijan to the world arena.

BioBased Press

BioBased Press The Biobased Society Blog reports on the development towards green chemistry. He will question entrenched wisdom and put new developments in the limelight. He will provide not only facts, but also analysis and commentary.


Allevents.IN We’re small and diverse group on mission: to help people discover the events happening around them. Hundreds of events happens in our city, but its difficult to find them out. All Events in City helps you do that..!!