June 26-27, 2019


Paris, France

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Crowd Reviews

Crowd Reviews is a transparent online platform for determining which products and services are the best based on the opinion of the crowd. The crowd consists of Internet users which have experienced products and services first-hand and have an interest in letting other potential buyers their thoughts on their experience. is driven by an algorithm allowing for both customers and providers of products and services to understand how the rankings are determined. The service can be used by potential buyers to learn more about their vendors prior to making a purchasing decision.

Manuscript Edit

Manuscript Edit, your online partner for Scientific & academic paper English language editing, proofreading, medical writing, formatting, design & development, and journal publication support services.

Biobased Press

Biobased Press is an independent, non-sponsored website that takes a helicopter view of the biobased economy, it discusses business and research, and links the biobased economy to neighbouring areas like sustainability, biotechnology, energy, agriculture, policy and the economy. Biobased Press also host the website.

All Conference Alert

It help in worldwide Listing and stay connected to Worldwide Conferences happening.It also inform the community of relevant events and assist organizers, providing convenience for both interested participants and the people and organizations behind the events.


Evenium is located in Silicon Valley and Europe, serving thousands of international clients around the world. Evenium relentlessly bring the best of web, mobile, and wearable technology to the cause we share, getting the most out of in-person professional meetings. Evenium cloud and mobile solutions are specifically designed to benefit event organizers, participants, and presenters.


With a wide database of conferences around the world, Conferize allows you to search for international conferences and add your own events. Our service is intended to inform the community of relevant events and assist organizers, providing convenience for both interested participants and the people and organizations behind the events.

Conference Index

It makes Conferences first pass through a basic check which includes the website provided, the language of the conference and a broad check of the type of the event that was submitted. This procedure usually requires a day to complete so events submitted are usually added to the Index within a day from submission.


Eventegg is an event finder, provides travel and support services to attendees who wish to attend congresses, conferences, trade shows, fair and exhibitions.

Event Maxima

Event Maxima is an online calendar and events discovery service. The service allows users to search for and track upcoming entertainment events in their area (such as concerts, festivals, and film presentations) involving specific performers, indicate and share their intent to attend certain events, and indicate their "demand" for certain acts to appear in their region.


Eureka Science

Eureka Science provide a vast array of publishing services to various international organizations, ranging from composing, copy editing to printing and distribution. Eureka publication services portfolio extends from purely online publishing to the more traditional hard copy one. Also, we offer a variety of Web related services. Eureka team of technical and highly qualified professionals aims to provide a reliable and cost-effective solution to all our customers publishing related requirements. Eureka years of experience and expertise in publishing and related ancillary information technology fields, ideally rank us among the best to transform your concepts and ideas into reality. Eureka publishing, Eureka digital, Eureka event management.


M2M Pharmaceuticals Ltd, UK

M2M Pharmaceuticals Ltd offer a range of physical characterisation services and consultancy, all designed to help your company reach its potential.