3rd International Conference on

Mechatronics ,Automation And Systems Engineering

Mihaiela Iliescu

Mihaiela Iliescu

University of Bucharest


Senior researcher at the Institute of Solid Mechanics, Romanian Academy. I work in the Mechatronics and Robotics department and I am focused on research in: concept and design of mechatronic systems: biomecanical systems; command and control of these systems; (nano)technolgies and materials; solid mechanics. I have got habilitation degree in 2017 and I coordinate doctoral theses in the field of mechanical engineering. My previuos work experience involves more than 20 years as professor (Associate Professor) at „POLITEHNICA” University of Bucharest, Romania – teaching in the field of manufacturing technologies and applied statistics in engineering. Since 2013, I have also worked in a private research and development SME, OPTOELECTRONICA-2001, focusing on laser radiation application in engineering and on technologies for manufacturing photovoltaic cells. My scientific activity results are dissaminated in more than 200 papers (published in journals and conference proceedings), 10 books (as first-author or, co-author), 30 research projects (as team leader or, team member), 5 patents, etc.

Research Interest

Researcher at the Institute of Solid Mechanics

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