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Awards @ Medical Nursing 2022

Meetings International has taken an initiative to felicitate attendees with awards to recognise, celebrate and encourage achievement in its various conferences and events. We salute and acknowledge attainment within an industry that is continuously evolving and re-drawing the boundaries of best practice. These awards represent the pinnacle of professional achievement for event professionals. To win an award you will have been endorsed by our illustrious panel of the foremost industry professionals which is a sure-fire signifier of your formidable credentials.

Outstanding Speaker in Medical Nursing 2022: This award recognises academic and business speakers for their excellent presentation skills and for the significant contribution in Medical Nursing and Health Care that they make to their professions, their teams and their patients through their practice, leadership or research endeavour. Recipient of this award will be chosen by the session chair and co-chair. The awardees will be felicitated after the completion of oral session. Our Medical Nursing and Health Care Conference encourage researchers from across the globe to take part as a speaker at these prestigious events.

Best Key Note Speaker in Medical Nursing 2022: This award recognises the notable presentations given during the course of the Medical Nursing conference. It also recognizes the enthusiasm and determination of the speaker to improve the experience of all who they come into contact with. The award will be given based on the impact of presentation on the attendees of the event. We will also be taking into account the references taken from the citations of the keynote speaker. The awardees will be felicitated by one of the members of the organizing panel present during the conference.

Best Organising Committee Member in Medical Nursing 2022: This award seeks to recognise the continuous support provided by the Organising Committee Member of the conference. Recipient of this award will be selected by the operating committee of the Medical Nursing 2022. The award will be given based on the support and cooperation provided by a member of the organizing panel from the beginning to the successful completion of the conference.

Outstanding Masters/Ph.D./Postdoc Thesis work presentation in Medical Nursing 2022: This award seeks to recognise the young brains of the current era. Recipient of this award will be selected by the judge of the Young Researchers Forum. This award will be given based on the presentation skills, impact of research and its applications for the Medical Nursing field. Participants pursuing Masters, PhD or Post-Doctoral studies are eligible for this award. The awardees will be felicitated after the completion of all the oral presentations delivered under the Young Researchers Forum category.

Best Poster Award in Medical Nursing 2022:  This award recognises the best poster presentation given during the course of an event. Recipient of this award will be selected by the judge of the poster session. An award winning poster will be evaluated on presentation content and clarity, innovativeness of approach, communication criteria and scientific aspects. It will also be based on layout, Medical Nursing, and analysis and results description. The awardees will be felicitated after the completion of poster session.

The honours are given for our medical nursing conferences to perceive the wide scope of obligations and commitment of medical nursing and Health care, who advance the quickest improvements and inventive practices in the field of health care and medical research. Health Care Research Experts, make an immense commitment to surpass the research practices and introduce new insights of plant life sciences to the globe.


  • All presented abstracts will automatically be considered for the Award.

  • All the awards will be selected by the judges of the award category.

  • The winners will be formally announced during the closing ceremony.

  • The winners of the Poster Award will receive an award certificate.

  • The awards will be assessed as far as plan and format, intelligence, argumentation and  approach, familiarity with past work, engaging quality, message and primary concerns, parity of content visuals, and by and large impression.


  • All submissions must be in English.

  • The topic must fit into scientific sessions of the conference.

  • Each individual participant is allowed to submit maximum 2 papers.

  • Abstract must be submitted online as per the given abstract template.

  • Abstracts must be written in Times New Roman and font size will be 12.

  • Abstract must contain title, name, affiliation, country, speaker’s biography, recent photograph, image and reference.

  • Each poster should be approximately 1x1 M long. The title, contents, and the author’s information should be clearly visible from a distance of 1-2 feet.

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