International Microfluidics Congress

San Diego, USA    August 13-14 2018

Dr. Xuan

Dr. Xuan

Associate Professor
Clemson University


Dr. Xuan is currently an Associate Professor of Mechanical Engineering at Clemson University.He received his PhD degree from the Department of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering at University of Toronto in 2006, and Bachelor of Engineering degree from the Department of Engineering ThermoPhysics at University of Science and Technology of China in 1995. He was a recipient of NSF CAREER award in 2012.

Research Interest

His research interests cover the fundamentals and applications of microfluidics with special interest in particle and cell manipulations via either externally imposed (e.g., electric field and magnetic field) or internally induced (e.g., inertial lift and/or elastic lift in Newtonian and non-Newtonian fluid flows) force fields. Fundamental and applied research in micro- and nano-fluidics for Lab-on-a-chip devices.

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