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April 29-30, 2022 at 09:00 AM SGT 
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Osaka, Japan

International Conference on Midwifery is going to be held during April 29-30, 2022  and will be emphasized on the  theme 'A voice to lead a vision for future health care will serve an excellent experience and opportunities to enhance one's career. Join us in Singapore to exchange various Innovative approaches in Midwifery 2022 aims to reveal advances in nursing and different management for women health disorders. This conference will be an inestimable and important platform for motivating international and integrative exchange at the forefront of nursing. Over the course of 2 day internationally-renowned speakers will exemplify how their research exploration has developed in response to present day challenges. The attending professionals and industry associates will also provide exotic networking experience. The array of keynote presentations, Oral presentations, poster presentations, workshops, discussions and networking events will keep participants intended in learning and making innovative connections at  nursing heath care webinar  The webinar will assemble together Gynaecologists, academicians and obstetricians from all over the world.





Clinical Nursing

Clinical nursing research (CNR) is a peer-reviewed quarterly journal that addresses issues of clinical research that are meaningful to practicing nurses, providing an international forum to encourage discussion among clinical practitioners, enhance clinical practice by pinpointing potential clinical applications of the latest scholarly research, and disseminate research findings of particular interest to practicing nurses

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Community health nursing

Communities have relied on nurses for hundreds of years. During serious illness, injury, or labour and delivery, the medical knowledge and compassionate patient care performed by nurses is vital. Because of their huge impact on people’s lives, our depiction of nurses  can grow almost mythic. For instance, Civil War–era nurse and founder of the American Red Cross, Clara Barton, was known as “the angel of the battlefield.”

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Critical Care & Emergency Nursing

Critical care nursing is the field of nursing with a focus on the utmost care of the critically ill or unstable patients following extensive injury, surgery or life threatening diseases. Critical care nurses can be found working in a wide variety of environments and specialties, such as general intensive care units, medical intensive care units, surgical intensive care units, trauma intensive care units, coronary care units, cardiothoracic intensive care units, burns unit, paediatrics and some trauma centre emergency departments. These specialists generally take care of critically ill patients who require mechanical ventilation by way of endotracheal intubation and/or treatable vasoactive intravenous medications.

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Obstetrical nursing

Obstetrical nursing also called  perinatal nursing is a nursing specialty that works with patients who are attempting to become pregnant, are currently pregnant, or have recently delivered. Obstetrical nurses help provide prenatal care and testing, care of patients experiencing pregnancy complications, care during labour and delivery, and care of patients following delivery. Obstetrical nurses work closely with obstetriciansmidwives, and nurse practitioners. They also provide supervision of patient care technicians & surgical technologist

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Paediatric Nursing

Paediatric nursing provides resources for infants, toddlers, children, and their families to promote health throughout development and growth. Due to the amount a patient changes during his or her childhood, specialized care targeted to specific development points is often necessary to meet the patient's specific needs.

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Pain Management/Palliative Care

Palliative care improves the quality of life of patients and that of their families who are facing challenges associated with life-threatening illness, whether physical, psychological, social or spiritual. The quality of life of caregivers improves as well.

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Psych/Mental Health Nursing

Mental health nursing, also known as psychiatric nursing, is a specialized field of nursing practice that involves the care of individuals with a mental health disorder

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Case Management Nursing

Case management Nursing is a  care delivery model designed to coordinate and manager  patient care across the continuum of health care systems. Case managers are usually involved an “entire episode of illness/ disability or need for services

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Cardiovascular Nursing

 Cardiovascular nurses care for people with heart disease and interact with their patients’ families. They may monitor and treat acutely ill patients, or they may focus on cardiac rehabilitation

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Medical Surgical Nursing

Medical-surgical nursing is a nursing  specialty area concerned with the care of adult patients in a broad range of settings. The academy of medical science nurses  (AMSN) is a specialty nursing organization dedicated to nurturing medical-surgical nurses as they advance their careers. Traditionally, medical-surgical nursing was an entry-level position that most nurses viewed as a stepping stone to specialty areas

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Gender Discrimination in Nursing

This article aims to examine gender stereotypes in relation to men in nursing, discuss gender discrimination cases in nursing, and explore methods used for promoting equal educational opportunities during nursing studies.

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Nurse Entrepreneurship

Nurse entrepreneurs fill the gaps in the current health care delivery system by supporting the development of targeted products and services, enhanced technology, software, and safety systems. A nurse entrepreneur has been defined as “a proprietor of a business that offers nursing services of a direct care, educational, research, administrative, or consultative nature”.1 Nurse entrepreneurs may build their businesses to develop and distribute medical products or devices, offer direct patient care or patient advocacy, educate or train other professionals or community members, or provide health care-related consultation, among other functions

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Nursing education

Nursing education  refers to formal learning and training in the science of nursing . This includes the functions and duties in the physical care of patients, and a combination of different disciplines that both accelerates the patient's return to health and helps maintain it.

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The nursing shortage in the United States is at a crisis level characterized by critical shortages of highly trained nurses and of nursing faculty. Key issues in addressing these shortages include awareness and image-building, along with enhanced outreach programs. Although these issues are related to marketing theory, most studies in this area are based on a vocational choice model. This study was grounded in marketing theory and the results offer a new perspective for addressing the nursing shortage. In-depth interviews conducted with 31 first-year nursing students indicated that there were two distinct segments among nursing students: traditional and instrumentals. Traditional  were attracted to nursing as a helping profession while instrumentals were interested in career-related rewards such as variety, mobility, and compensation. These findings were discussed in terms of building awareness and marketing programs for nursing students that are integrated across schools of nursing, private foundations and public agencies

Meetings International is announcing Young Scientist Awards Material Science and Engineering which is scheduled at Singapore  during December 1-2/ 2021. This Nursing Research Conference focuses on Trends, Challenge, and Leadership in nursing l Science and Evidence-Based Practice. Nursing  Science -2021 and upcoming conferences will recognise participants who have significantly added value to the scientific community of nursing research and provide them outstanding Young Scientist Awards. The Young Scientist Award will provide a strong professional development opportunity for young researches by meeting experts to exchange and share their experiences at our international conferences.. Material Science operating committee is providing a platform for all the budding young researchers, young investigators, post-graduate/Master students, PhD. students and trainees to showcase their research and innovation.


Young Scientists, faculty members, post-doctoral fellows, PhD scholars and bright Final Year MSc and M.Phil. Candidates. Persons from Scientific Industry can also participate. Benefits:  The Young Scientist Feature is a platform to promote young researchers in their respective area by giving them a chance to present their achievements and future perspectives.

  • Acknowledgement as YRF Awardee
  • Promotion on the conference website, Young Researcher Awards and certificates
  • Link on the conference website
  • Recognition on Meetings Int. Award Page
  • Chances to coordinate with partners around the world
  • Research work can be published in the relevant journal without any publication fee


  • All presented abstracts will automatically be considered for the Award.
  • All the presentation will be evaluated in the conference venue
  • All the awards will be selected by the judges of the award category
  • The winners of the Young Scientist Award will receive award certificate.
  • The awards will be assessed as far as plan and format, intelligence, argumentation and  approach, familiarity with past work, engaging quality, message and primary concerns, parity of content visuals, and by and large impression.


  • All submissions must be in English.
  • The topic must fit into scientific sessions of the conference
  • Each individual participant is allowed to submit maximum 2 papers
  • Abstract must be submitted online as per the given abstract template
  • Abstracts must be written in Times New Roman and font size will be 12
  • Abstract must contain title, name, affiliation, country, speakers biography, recent photograph, image and reference

Conditions of Acceptance:

To receive the award, the awardee must submit the presentation for which the award is given, for publication at the website, along with author permission. Failure to submit the PPT and permission within the designated timeframe will result in forfeiture of award.

Award Announcements:

Official announcement of the recipients will occur after the completion of Material Science Conference.








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