Be a part of 15th International Conference on Nursing Education

Theme: Current Challenges and New Advances in Nursing Education



December 05-06, 2022 | 10:00 AM GST


Dubai, UAE

Dr Ayidah Sanad Alqarni

Assistant Professor, Vice Dean of College of Nursing Female campus, ABHA, At King Khalid University., Saudi Arabia

Mr. Islam Ali Ahmed Oweidat

RN, MSN, PhDc, QM., Jordan

Dr. Sabine Schuetze

Trainer ODA for multiprofessionally composed groups in Germany, Poland

Dondu Sanliturk

Assistant Professor Tokat GaziosmanpaÅŸa University. , Turkey

Dr. Marie M. Spivey

Principal/Consultant with the System for Education, Equity & Transition, LLC (SEET Consultants, LLC)., USA

Anupriya Sarala

RN, RM, MBA: Healthcare Management, Sweden

Patricia Gadea Company

Nurse, Lithotripsy and Endourology Unit. Department of Urology. La Fe University and Polytechnic Hospital. Valencia, Spain

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