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April 29-30, 2022 at 10:00 AM SST 
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Osaka, Japan

The "International Conference on Nursing Education" with the theme “Current challenges and new advances in Nursing education” is going to held on April 29-30, 2022. This Nursing Conference has been intended to help attendants from both scholastic just as clinical settings to assemble and examine arising the patterns, difficulties and administration in Nursing Practice and Research. It gives adequate freedoms to meet and associate with nursing experts from around the globe.

It accentuates chats on arising patterns, Use of innovation in nursing, new nursing research fields and openings, great work in nursing, productive administration, and so on. This online class gives the representatives the possibility of meeting and cooperating with the nursing attendants going from understudies, dignitaries, teachers and totally extraordinary nursing school from around the globe.

Session 1: Current Trends in Nursing Practice
This event provides the current trends in nursing practice with nursing professionals around the world are experiencing an array of changes as the healthcare industry is continuously adapting more advanced technology and medical trends. 
Session 2: Evidence Based Clinical Practice
Evidence Based clinical practice gives better outcomes, the need for nurses trained in evidence-based nursing is increasing that  requires nurses to use analytical skills and decision-making skills to successfully deal with clinical situations.
Session 3: Public Health Nursing
Globally, public health concerns from non-communicable diseases and environmental factors is increasing, and risk from communicable diseases is decreasing. In developing countries, the risk of communicable diseases still prevails. Nurses must play roles in both situations; in prevention and control of communicable diseases, as well as in addressing non-communicable diseases and environmental risk factors.
Session 4: Geriatric and Palliative Nursing
This conference focusses that according to WHO, every year, around 40 million people require palliative care, out of which 78% live in developing and underdeveloped countries. Only 14% people receive the palliative care they require. The need for palliative nursing is increasing, due to the rise in non-communicable diseases and the world’s ageing population. 
Session 5: Cancer  and Mental Health Nursing
This conference focusses on the cancer and mental health aspects of nursing. In this session, possible solutions for such stigma and the effects on psychiatric nurses themselves will be discussed.
Session 6: Midwifery, Neonatal Care and Pediatric Nursing
The assistance of midwives and neonatal nurses during pregnancy, birth and after birth is essential to prevent complications and deaths. Possible solutions to expand midwifery and neonatal care in various countries shall be discussed in this session.
Session 7: Surgical Nursing
This session discusses research, case reports and evidence obtained in planning, implementation and evaluation of treatment of the patient.
Session 8: Men in Nursing
This session focusses on the scope, advantages of men in nursing and possible ways to encourage more male students take up nursing as their profession.
Session 9: Healthcare and Nursing Management
The first consideration when it comes to nursing management is what it entails. Managerial nurses must not only be able to play a leading role in making vital decisions in patient care, but are also expected to carry out defined duties to support the wider nursing team. Working in nursing management is a varied and diverse role, where no two days are the same. 
Session 10: Nursing Education and Research
Nursing Research is a logical examination of an issue of significance to the field of Nursing. It is a methodical request intended to create reliable evidence about issues of significance to the nursing calling, including nursing practice, instruction, organization, and informatics. It is fundamental for the improvement of exact information that empowers nurses to give evidence-based consideration. The nursing calling is responsible for giving top notch, financially savvy care for patients and families.
Nursing Education focuses on bringing together nursing professionals from various countries to discuss plans for the betterment of the entire nursing community. It emphasizes talks on emerging trends, use of technology in nursing, new nursing fields and opportunities, good work in nursing, efficient management, etc.
Nursing Societies:
o Association of Hong Kong, Hong Kong, PRC
o Hong Kong Association of Critical Care Nurses, Hong Kong, PRC
o Japanese Nursing Association, Japan
o Korean Nurses Association, South Korea
o Malaysian Nurses Association, Malaysia
o Mongolian Nurses Association, Mongolia
o Philippine Nurses Association, Philippines
o Russian Nurses Association, Russia
o Samoa Registered Nurses Association, Samoa
o Sri Lanka Nurses Association, Srilanka
o The Nurses Association of Thailand, Thailand
o The Nurses Association of the Republic of China, China
International Nursing Societies:
o Academy of Medical-Surgical Nurses
o Certification Board of Perioperative Nursing
o Dermatology Nurses Association
o Eastern Nursing Research Society
o Emergency Nursing Association
o Respiratory Nursing Society
o Sigma Theta Tau
o Society of Gastroenterology Nurses and Associates
Institutions that offers Nursing Courses:
Asia-Pacific and Middle-East
o Al Ghad International Medical Sciences College, Saudi Arabia
o Arabian Gulf University, Bahrain
o Gulf Medical University, UAE
o Inaya Medical College, Saudi Arabia
o Kyoto University, Japan
o National Taiwan University, Taiwan
o Osaka University, Japan
o Peking University, China
o Seoul National University, Republic of South Korea
o Sharjah College of Medicine, UAE
o The Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK), Hong Kong, PRC
o The University of Jordan, Jordan
o The University of Tokyo, Japan
o Tsinghua University, Japan
o Unaizah College of Medicine, Saudi Arabia
o University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong, PRC
o University of Western Sydney, Australia
o University of Wollongong, Australia
o Hacettepe University, Turkey
o Autonomous University of Madrid, Spain
o Gdansk Medical Academy, Poland
o Karolinska Institute, Sweden
o Lutheran University of Applied Sciences, Germany
o Paris Sorbonne University, France
o Roskilde University, Denmark
o Royal College of Nursing, UK
o Russia National Research Medical University, Russia
o Universidad de Porto, Portugal
o University of Groningen, Netherlands
o University of Helsinki, Finland
o University of Nottingham, UK
o University of Zurich, Switzerland
o Johns Hopkins University, USA
o McGill University Faculty of Medicine, Canada
o Medical College Regional Rio Cuarto, Argentina
o National Autonomous University of Mexico, Mexico
o UFAM - Faculty of Medicine, Brazil
o University of Buenos Aires, Argentina
o University of Edinburgh, USA
o University of Manchester, UK
o University of Michigan, USA
o University of Pennsylvania, USA
o University of Toronto, Canada
o University of Washington, USA
National nursing organizations
o Alliance of Young Nurse Leaders and Advocates
o American Nurses Association
o An Bord Altranais
o Canadian Indigenous Nurses Association
o Canadian Nurses Association
o Indonesian National Nurses Association
o Japanese Nursing Association
o Nursing Council of Kenya (Nursing in Kenya)
o Nursing Association of Nepal
o Indian nurses association (India)
o Nursing Council of New Zealand
o Nursing and Midwifery Board of Ireland
o Nursing and Midwifery Council
o New Zealand Nurses Organisation
o Philippine Nurses Association
o Philippine Nurses Association of United Kingdom
o Nursing & Midwifery Council United

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