June 26-27, 2019


Paris, France

Conference Agenda

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Keynote Session:

Meetings International -  Conference Keynote Speaker Thomas Frederick Hartley photo

Thomas Frederick Hartley

Hartley Consulting, USA

Title: The future of nursing in personal health & innovation in healthcare systems


Thomas Frederick Hartley has led healthcare services for 30 years through Clinician, Consultant, CNO, and CEO roles. He received numerous military awards as a U.S. Army Officer along with Letters of Commendation from two sitting U.S. Presidents before retiring as a Lieutenant Colonel. His teaching experience includes faculty positions, adjunct appointments and guest lecturer at more than 12 universities. He has presented on clinical, systems, and leadership topics in national and international forums. He is a Fellow in the American College of Healthcare Executives and has received certification in Executive Nursing Practice from ANCC and AONE


Healthcare change across the globe is being driven by a need to curb the exponential cost increases within the industry. A heightened awareness of human factors research and the potential for evidence-based practice has gained much attention as a source of potential improvement. A new focus on quality and outcomes is driving the market in most countries. An example is the reduced payment for services and notable government influence through “value-based purchasing” causing dramatic changes in the U.S. healthcare delivery systems. Defining, capturing, and reporting clinical outcomes is a challenge for most organizations. 

Oral Session 1:

  • Nursing and Healthcare | Intensive Care Nursing | Mental Health, Psychiatrist and Addictions Nursing | Midwifery and Women Health Nursing | Oncology Nursing
Meetings International - Nursing Care Conference Keynote Speaker Justine Monsaingeon photo

Justine Monsaingeon

Dynseo, France

Title: Cognitive stimulation on tablet for senior with cognitive disorders: both impact for the senior and caregivers/nurses


Justine Monsaingeon graduated of EM Lyon, she has managed a team of 50 consultants, as a business senior manager where her team was mainly involved in projects in the field of ICT & Health. The DYNSEO adventure began in 2013 following a visit by Justine to a nursing home. She then found that the proposed animations were infantilizing and that seniors were bored. With this in mind, she decided to launch DYNSEO with her mother. She was rewarded in 2014 as the French woman entrepreneur of the year, among other awards. She is now spokesperson for the silver economy sector with the French government and vice president of France Silver Eco.


We are going to present study about our memory games apps and the impacts it has on seniors. Moreover, we truly believe it has also great impacts on caregivers and nurses staff, because it’s valued them, they gain time. Stim’Art is a brain training program declinated for all. Two versions: Scarlett for seniors suffering cognitive disorders and Clint, a version for autonomous seniors to prevent cognitive disorders and to promote social links. Stim’Art program was developed with health professional to propose a high value proposition for seniors and caregivers and nurses’ staff.

Meetings International - Nursing Care Conference Keynote Speaker Jean-Christophe Klein photo

Jean-Christophe Klein

Libheros, France

Title: Improving the organization and coordination of medical homecares with dedicated and innovative online solutions: a true benefit for patients, nurses and the healthcare ecosystem


Jean-Christophe Klein Graduated from ESSEC Business School in Paris and FH Dortmund in Germany, he has previous experiences in several countries in the healthcare sector as a strategy consultant and then investment banker, before co-founding libheros in December 2015 with Florence Herry, former nurse at hospitals and patients’ home, with the main objective to facilitate patients and healthcare professionals day-to-day life.


At libheros, founded by Florence Herry, former nurse, we develop specific and dedicated online solutions for patients, nurses (libheros PRO) and hospitals (libheros COORDINATION) to improve the organization and coordination of medical homecares, with a strong objective to value nurses’ important role in the healthcare system.

Meetings International - Nursing Care Conference Keynote Speaker Anna Nowacka photo

Anna Nowacka

Jagiellonian University Medical College, Poland

Title: Socio-demographic and occupational factors of burnout syndrome in nurses employed in medical facilities


Anna Nowacka, RN, PhD worked at  Department of Nursing Management and Epidemiological Nursing, Faculty of Health Sciences, Jagiellonian University Medical College. The focus of her  research is organizational stress in the nurses' work environment and healthcare quality and safety.


The present study examined the relationship between socio-demographic and occupational factors and the level of occupational burnout. It examined 560 nurses working in hospitals and primary healthcare units. We used: Maslach Burnout Inventory (dimensions of emotional exhaustion -EE, depersonalization  - DEP and personal accomplishment – PA) and a questionnaire including socio-demographic and occupational factors

Meetings International - Nursing Care Conference Keynote Speaker Nicolas Schneider photo

Nicolas Schneider

Bruno Debien, France

Title: Feedback on the implementation of emergency operational training using in situ simulation as a teaching method.


Nicolas Schneider, graduated in 2005 from the diploma of state of French nurse and in 2016 the interuniversity diploma of medical pedagogy, was co-responsible for a military medical simulation center from 2013 to 2016. He then continued to practice in as an expert trainer for Emergensim 


Simulation is becoming more and more popular in the field of healthcare education. The main concern for some faculty is knowing how to organise simulation training sessions when there is no simulation centre as they are not yet widely available and their cost is often prohibitive. In medical education, the pedagogic objectives are mainly aimed at improving the quality of care as well as patient safety. To that effect, a mobile training approach whereby simulation-based education is done at the point of care, outside simulation centres, is particularly appropriate. It is usually called “in-situ simulation”. 

Meetings International - Nursing Care Conference Keynote Speaker Gina Dimaapi Panganiban photo

Gina Dimaapi Panganiban

Bulacan State University, Philippines

Title: Quality nursing care delivery through technological advancements


Gina Dimaapi Panganiban has completed her Doctor in Nursing Management from Trinity University of Asia. Philippines year 2014, presently the Dean the College of Nursing. Serve as member of the Council of Deans. Participate in State Seoul National University, South Korea Training of Facilitators for Capacity Building Projects of Community Health Educators in the Philippines” last November 2016. She has contributed the time and motion Research Study at St. Luke’s Medical City Global City. A comparison of work-sampling and time-and-    motion techniques for studies in health services research; for nursing attendants as errands. Recommend ways and means of nursing attendant’s efficient functioning towards quality care and patient outcomes


Modernization is a drive towards fast-paced living that entails the utilization of all possible resources in an extraordinary rapid manner. Undoubtedly, technology has reigned over several aspects of human existence. It has made life easier especially considering the feats nowadays. Of these myriad facets, one commonly touched wherein extensive range has been influenced is nursing --- a healthcare profession focused on the care of individuals, families, and communities to attain, maintain, or recover optimal health and quality life from conception to death, Craven and Hirnle, (2003).

Meetings International - Nursing Care Conference Keynote Speaker Po-Ya Chang photo

Po-Ya Chang

National Taipei University, Taiwan

Title: Consumption of sports drinks is associated with risk of renal progression


Po-Ya Chang has completed her PhD at the age of 29 years from Taipei Medical University in Taiwan. She is the assistant professor in National Taipei University of Nursing and Health Sciences in Taiwan. She also served a visiting fellow at University of Tokyo in Japan. Her research areas include community health nursing, public health, and long-term care.


The prevalence of chronic kidney disease (CKD) is high and is increasing rapidly worldwide [1]. Patients with renal impairment should control the protein, sodium, potassium and phosphorus in the diet [2, 3]. Sports drink ingredients mainly include sources of sugar, sodium and potassium. This study was to investigate the relationship between sport drinks with the renal progression among CKD. This cohort study enrolled 5723 adult patients with CKD from eight hospitals in Taiwan in October, 2008 to February, 2016

Meetings International - Nursing Care Conference Keynote Speaker Prakriti K.C photo

Prakriti K.C

Asian College for Advance Studies, Nepal

Title: Knowledge regarding effects of internet addiction among secondary school students at moonlight secondary boarding school


Prakriti K.C pursuing post basic bachelor of nursing 3rd year, Asian College for Advance Studies, Lalitpur, Purbanchal University. She is from the department of Nursing, Asian College for Advance Studies, Lalitpur, Purbanchal University, Nepal.


The internet is the global system of interconnected computer network that use the internet protocol suite to link device worldwide. Internet addiction is characterized by excessive or poor controlled preoccupations, urges or behaviors regarding computer use & internet access that lead to impairment or distress. It was identified that psychological, educational, social, interpersonal, daily habits, routines of daily life, sleeping pattern, eating habits, study habits and living pattern effect by the internet. Internet addiction is the major problem in adolescents. Addicted show some physical, psychological and social problems.