Global Diet and Nutrition Meeting

Singapore City, Singapore   May 14-15, 2018

Dr. Mohammad Sharif Sharifi

Dr. Mohammad Sharif Sharifi

Australian Food and Pharmaceutical Industries


Dr. Mohammad Sharif Sharifi, the CEO of Australian Food and Pharmaceutical Industries has extensive management experience in establishing companies and commercialising products. Dr Sharifi's qualifications include a Master's Degree in Chemistry, Food and Drug Analysis, (UNSW 1999) and a PhD in Medicinal Chemistry and Medical Microbiology (University of Western Sydney 2006). Sharif was also a lecturer/Medical Facilitator at UNSW, University Sydney and UWS 2003-2015.

Research Interest

Food, pharmaceuticals, healthcare, chemistry. He is currently involved in the establishment of a pharmaceuticals sector for the manufacturing of glucosamine, vitamin D, E, A, K, and multi-vitamins from natural ingredients.

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