International Conference on

Plant and Soil Sciences

Osaka | Japan   December 5-6, 2018

Theme: The New Horizons of Challenges and Innovations in Plant and Soil Science with Changing Environment

This is our awesome delight to welcome you to Osaka, Japan to attend the International Conference on plant and soil science composed by The Meetings International which will be held from December 5-6, 2018. The meeting gives the worldwide field to global researchers and analysts to voice their examination discoveries to the world. With agents from all the significant nations in participation the environment is energizing with open and neighborly collaboration between participants.

Soil science manages soil as a characteristic asset on the surface of the earth, including pedology and the physical, concoction and organic and ripeness properties of soil Scope of occupation opportunity in the fields Soil Scientist Soil Pedologist Ecologist Environmental Scientists

This Soil Science Conference gives an uncommon stage to Study , researchers and pediologist specialists to trade the latest updates with a thorough method to manage different locales of interest. The key goal of Meetings International is to impart science and therapeutic research amongst the scholarly community, and industry. Through moving sessions and huge amounts of systems administration.

Soil Science gathering 2018 will offer you an interesting participant encounter. Not with standing the numerous logical sessions and bring home contextual investigation cases, you will leave this occasion with a considerable lot of our workshops and symposiums.

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The Soil Science Conference 2018 will offer an exciting scientific program, composed of plenary lectures, including Workshops, poster and abstract-driven sessions presenting the latest research in the field of Soil Science and plant research. Furthermore, it will also provide an opportunity for young investigators to actively participate and present their research.

Session- 1: Soil Science: Research and Advances

 Advances in Soil Science provides a congress for leading scientists to analyze and summarize the available scientific information on a subject, assessing its importance and identifying additional research needs. Soil Science meeting discusses the latest research innovations and important developments in this field and presents clear and precise reviews in all areas of soil science for everyone interested in this basic resource.

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Session-2: Plant Science and Agriculture

Soil science conference inviting prudent talks on innovation in plant and agriculture sciences . Plant Science and Agriculture contributing to greater understanding and awareness of research and studies in the areas of plant genetics, plant physiology, meteorology, and soil science. Agriculture concerns techniques, including the application of agronomic research.

Keywords: plant science conference| plant genetic conference| meteorology and soil research meeting| Agronomic event| plant meeting 2018 plant genetics and genomics

Session- 3: Food Safety, Quality and Security
Food safety and food security are interrelated concepts with a profound impact on quality of human life. Soil science congress inviting prudent talks on food safety quality  and security .The goal is to protect the food supply from those who may attempt to cause large-scale public health harm by preventing intentional contamination or adulteration from such illegal actions as economic fraud, sabotage.

Keywords : food safety conference| food security meeting| food quality meeting| food safety meeting| Quality control event |food  safety quality meeting

Session- 4: Soil Fertility and Soil-Plant Nutrition

Soil fertility and plant nutrition is an applied science that integrates knowledge across all disciplines of soil and plant sciences to effectively and efficiently provide nutrients to plants. Efficient use of nutrients is required not only to maximize agricultural production but also to protect air, soil, and water quality. Soil science meeting  inviting prudent talks on soil fertility and plant nutrition Fertilizers are any materials added to soils or plant leaves to supply nutrients. There are various natural and synthesized materials used as fertilizers. Composts, farmyard manures, poultry manure.

Keywords: soil fertility conference |soil-plant nutrition meeting| plant nutrition event| Agriculture conference| environmental biotechnology

Session- 5: Soil Microbiology, Health and Bio Control
Involve of microbial inoculants to suppress a single type or class of plant diseases. Or this may involve managing soils to promote the combined activities of native soil and plant-associated organisms that contribute to general suppression. The mechanisms of action of microbial bio control agents against plant pathogens include direct antibiosis. Soil science event  inviting prudent talks on soil microbiology, health and bio control

Keywords: soil microbiology conference |plant disease meeting| soil bio control conference| plant health event| soil health meeting.

Session- 6: Toxicology: Analysis
The repeated uses and the extreme stability of certain pesticides have led to their accumulation in plants, animals, soils and sediments. Soil science gathering inviting prudent talks on toxicology .Standardized toxicity tests for soil microbes, plants, invertebrates, birds, and mammals were reviewed for their ability to assess the toxicity of chemicals in soils, and for their inherent limitations and usefulness in assessing contaminant hazard to the environment.

Keywords: Toxicology conference| soil toxicology meeting| environmental meeting |soil testing event| soil biodiversity gathering | plant toxicology meeting

Session- 7: Environmental Soil Chemistry and Biotechnology
Environmental Soil Chemistry illustrates fundamental principles of soil chemistry with respect to environmental reactions between soils and other natural materials and heavy metals, pesticides, industrial contaminants, acid rain, and salts. Soil science meeting inviting prudent talks on soil chemistry and  Biotechnology Soil biotechnology approach for wastewater treatment and recycling are carried out considering its technical, environmental and economic aspects.

Keywords: Soil Biotechnology conference |soil chemistry event| waste water treatment gathering| soil science congress| environmental biotechnology.

Session- 8: Soil Erosion and Soil Management
Soil erosion is a naturally occurring process that affects all landforms Water Erosion and Surface Water Runoff. One of the main causes of soil erosion is water erosion, which is the loss of topsoil due to water. Soil management is important, both directly and indirectly for crop productivity and  environmental sustainability. Soil science conference inviting prudent talks on soil erosion and soil management

Keywords: soil erosion conference | soil management gathering| crop productivity event| plant and soil science congress| soil science meeting| water resource management event| environmental biotechnology.

Session- 9: Soil Geology, Morphology and Soil Management
Soil Morphological properties means physical and chemical soil properties. Soil science event inviting prudent talks on soil geology, morphology and coil management . Soil Geology refers to a site characterization, the horizon depth intervals, horizon boundary characteristics, color, texture, structure, consistence, roots and pores, pH, and effervescence; and special descriptions of special features for each horizon. Soil management is the application of practices and treatments to protect soil and enhance its performance . It includes soil conservation, soil amendment, and optimal soil health.  

Keywords: soil geology conference| soil morphology meeting| soil conference| soil management gathering| soil science congress| properties of soil meeting| environmental biotechnology

Session- 10: Soil-Plant Interaction and Analysis
Soil science congress inviting prudent talks on Plant growth and development and mainly depend on the combination and concentration of mineral nutrients available in the soil. The soil analysis data showed that this plant grows on different kinds of soils such as sandy, clayey, loam etc

Keywords: Soil plant meeting| Plant growth conference| soil analysis conference| plant science congress| soil science meeting| plant and soil science event

Session- 11: Soil Biodiversity with Soil Organic Matter Dynamics
Soil the most biologically diverse part of Earth. Soil science congress inviting prudent talks on Soil organic matter is key to soil fertility, climate change mitigation, combatting land degradation, and the conservation of above- and below-ground biodiversity Soil organic matter dynamics are defined mostly in terms of plant residues input and microbial decomposition.

Keywords: soil biodiversity conference |soil organic matter meeting| soil dynamics conference| soil conservation event| soil science congress| soil plant biodiversity gathering

Session- 12: Environment Change and Plant Health
Soil science event inviting prudent talks on Environmental conditions which play a key role in defining the function and distribution of plants . Any change in the climate of an area can affect the plants and animals living there, as well as the makeup of the entire ecosystem. Plant health is predicted to generally suffer under climate change.

Keywords: Environmental conference| Impact of global warming event| Biodiversity gathering| event on ecosystem.

Session- 13: Earth & Geosciences
Nature Geoscience covers all aspects of the Earth sciences, including theoretical research, modeling, and field work. Soil science gathering inviting prudent talks on Geo sciences offers an understanding of the evolution of our planet and its interacting global systems. Geoscience includes the study of the atmosphere, biosphere, cryosphere, hydrosphere, lithosphere, and Pedosphere.

Keywords: Geology congress| Geoscience meeting| Earth science event| soil science meeting| plant and soil science gathering| Pedology meeting | plant science conference.

Session-14:Management of Water and Soil Resources Under Global Climate Changes
 Soil science conference inviting prudent talks on Global Climate change is caused by factors such as biotic processes, variations in solar radiation received by Earth, plate tectonics, and volcanic eruptions. Soil and water resources are expected to be dramatically affected by future climate and societal changes. Management of soil and water resources is done by enhance resource quality, increase the efficiency and to increase incentives for producers to use the knowledge and technology that already exists.

Keywords: water resource management conference | soil resource meeting| conference on climate change| water and soil resource management congress.

Session-15: Soil Genesis, Classification & Cartography, Geo Statistics, Remote Sensing & GIS
Soil formation is a complicated natural process of soil origination from mountain rock under effects of the soil-forming factors in natural or anthropogenic ecosystems of the Earth. Soil science event inviting prudent talks Geo statistics, is a branch of statistics focusing on spatial or spatiotemporal datasets. Developed originally to predict probability distributions of ore grades for mining operations. Cartography is practice of drawing maps.

Keywords: soil genesis congress |soil classification conference | soil cartography meeting |Geoscience meeting| Soil science meeting| Plant and soil science conference| Soil  biodiversity gathering| cartography meeting

Session-16: Soil Analytical Tools and Techniques for Soil Research Integrity
 Soil science congress inviting prudent talks on Soil testing tools are that which can be used to field test soil compaction and moisture during construction and dig in urban soils such as Sieves Accessories, Soil Auger Kits, Soil Sampling Bags and Supplies etc.  soil testing methods are used by the Agricultural Analytical Services Lab.

Keywords: Soil analytic tools meeting| soil Research congress| soil integrity meeting| soil testing event

Session-17: Mitigation and Adaptation Strategies for Climate Change
Adaptation and Mitigation are two important terms that are fundamental in the climate change. Soil science meeting inviting prudent talks on Climate change, involves complex interactions between climatic, environmental. Adaptation is the principal way to deal with the impacts of a changing climate.

Keywords: climate mitigation congress| climate changes conference| Meeting on soil adaptation strategies| environmental congress| soil science meeting| plant science event.

Session-18: Biodiversity
 Biodiversity refers the variety of living organisms from all sources, including terrestrial, marine, and other aquatic ecosystems and the ecological complexes. Soil biodiversity reflects the mix of living organisms in the soil. Soil science event inviting prudent talks on biodiversity. These organisms interact with one another and with plants and small animals forming a web of biological activity.

Keywords: Biodiversity congress| Soil biodiversity conference| soil science event| plant science gathering| soil plant science meeting| plant ecology gathering| soil biodiversity meeting| plant biodiversity congress

Session-19: Plant & Forest Ecology and its Diversity
Soil science gathering inviting prudent talks on Plant science  that ranges from developing molecular technique for genetic engineering to ecological research in the field of plant science. Forest ecology is the study of tree dominated landscape units.

Keywords: plant and forest ecology congress| plant diversity meeting| forest diversity conference| Forest ecology gathering| plant ecology event| Soil science event| plant science meeting| plant and soil science conference.

Session-20: Forest Science and Technology

Forest science primarily deals with proposals related to forest lands, mining leases, encroachment on forest land. Forestry is the science and craft of creating, managing, using, conserving, and repairing forests and associated resources to meet desired goals, needs, and values for human and environment benefits. Soil science conference inviting prudent talks on forestry which is practiced in plantations and natural stands

keywords: Forest ecology congress |Forest ecosystem event| forest science and technology conference| soil science conference| forestry science meeting| forest diversity event| soil science gathering

Session-21: Pedology

Soil science meeting inviting prudent talks on pedology, edaphology .  Pedology is the study of soils in their natural environment. It is the one of two main branch of soil science, the other is edaphology . Edaphology is concerned with the influence of soils on living things, particularly plants. Pedogenesis is the process of soil formation as regulated by the effects of place, environment, and history.

Keywords: pedology congress| edaphology event| pedogenesis event| pedology and edaphology conference| soil formation meeting| soil science meeting| soil and plant science conference.

Session-22: Developing Policies to Prevent and Control Soil Pollution

Soil pollution control policies will help to develop new technical guidelines for the prevention and control of soil pollution providing training for government officials, clean up professionals and offending companies. Soil science event inviting prudent talks on Developing policies to prevent and control soil pollution. This enhances public awareness and participation Scientific research and technology development on the prevention and control of soil pollution, as well as spreading their application, promoting technological improvements in soil pollution prevention and control, and encouraging development of the soil pollution and prevention controls 

keywords: soil prevention conference | soil pollution control congress| developing policies to prevent and control soil pollution meeting| soil science meeting| soil biodiversity congress| Pedology event.

Session-23: Nanotechnology for Soil and Groundwater Remediation

Nanotechnology has significant potentiality to remove contaminants from environment by various approaches like adsorption, redox reaction, conversion, stabilization, etc. Soil Science meeting discusses Various types of nanomaterials and devices are used to remove contaminants from soil. Therefore, soil  could be remediated effectively by utilizing nanotechnology based concepts, processes and products which cannot be achieved from conventional methods.

Keywords: Nano remediation conference |Soil remediation meeting |Nano Technology gathering |Site remediation conference

Funding and investment is growing continuously in Soil Science and plant science research industry. it has a very good market and investors in Osaka, Japan. Recognizing the increasing importance of technology development is key to increased productivity. There is a heavy reliance on Soil Science as the means for agriculture production to meet world demand by  developing effective measures to improve soil structure and increase soil infiltration. So the Plant Soil Meeting Conference 2018 is going to be held in Japan for the future of agriculture and forestry in the developing world.

The general made soils show off is required to achieve USD 7.8 Billion by 2021, at a CAGR of 6.7% from 2016 to 2021 and with making urbanization and industrialization, request of water for normal and momentum utilize has been developing properly the overall market for influenced soils, to develop soil overpowers the created soils feature. There are distinctive sorts of garden soils display in the market which fuse composed soil, retentive soil, bedding soil, and lightweight soil. Soil mixes when in doubt involve different segments blended in a degree proper for the picked trim. The utilization of soil mixes in agribusiness is constantly growing with different soil mixes being used for different gather sorts. The creating business division for yards and garden consumables in like manner expect a fundamental part in driving the market for soil mixes over the globe.

Why japan?

Osaka , Japan's second largest metropolitan area after Tokyo. It has been the economic powerhouse of the Kansai Region for many centuries. Osaka is a large port city and commercial center on the Japanese island of Honshu. It's known for its modern architecture, nightlife and hearty street food.

The Japanese Society of Soil Science and Plant Nutrition (JSSSPN) was built up in 1927, to build present day hypotheses and specialized structures in the investigation of soil science and plant nourishment that are profoundly identified with the creation of sustenance and feed. The JSSSPN is made out of a different gathering of scientists from colleges, and open and private foundations, and specialized directors of national and neighborhood government levels.

Why to attend?

Soil Science congress 2018 trying to bring all reputed researcher, noble Laureate, specialist, explore researcher, understudies and individuals together.who are associated with Soil Science give them to talk about their remarkable development, offering thoughts and collaboration to each other. Incredibly famous speakers, the latest improvement and headway in the field of plant genomics are the spotlight of the Soil Science conference. This is your best opportunity where you can learn, Discover inventive items and administrations for your business. Industry meetings give an awesome chance to organize. Soil science meeting can add a layer of delight to dealing with your vocation development by blending a social viewpoint into your learning and industry marking endeavors.

Target Audience:                                                                                                 

Soil Science / Agricultural Students, Scientists

Soil Science Researchers

Soil Science Faculty

Agricultural Universities

Horticulture and Landscaping

Plant and Agriculture Associations and Societies

Business Entrepreneurs

Training Institutes

Seed Science and Technology

Soil science and soil-plant nutrition

Forest Science

Manufacturing Agricultural Devices Companies

R&D Laboratories

Conference Highlights:

·     Soil Science: Research and advances

·     Plant Science and Agriculture

·     Food Safety, Quality and Security

·     Soil Fertility and Soil-Plant Nutrition

·     Soil Microbiology, Health and Bio Control

·     Toxicology: Analysis

·     Environmental Soil Chemistry and Biotechnology

·     Soil Erosion and soil management

·     Soil Geology, morphology and soil management

·     Soil-Plant interaction and analysis

·     Soil biodiversity with soil organic matter dynamics

·     Environment Change and Plant Health

·     Earth & Geosciences

·     Management of Water and Soil Resources under Global Climate Changes

·     Soil Genesis, Classification & Cartography, Geo statistics, Remote Sensing & GIS

·     Soil Analytical Tools and Techniques for Soil Research Integrity

·     Mitigation and Adaptation Strategies for climate Change

·     Biodiversity

·     Plant & Forest Ecology and its Diversity

·     Forest Science and Technology

·     Pedology

·     Developing policies to prevent and control soil pollution

       TOP universities for soil science 

        Harvard University , USA

       University of Cambridge, USA           

       University of Oxford, UK

       Stanford University, USA

       Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA

       Johns Hopkins University, USA

       Princeton University, USA

       California Institute of Technology, USA

       Yale University, USA

       Imperial College London ,UK



University of Tsukuba, Japan

Hokkaido UniversIty, Japan

Kyoto University, Japan

The University of Tokyo, Japan

Nagoya University , Japan

Hokkaido University , Japan

Shibaura Institute of technology , Japan

Hosei University, Japan


Macquarie University, Australia

University of Sydney, Australia

      University of Western Australia, Australia
      Australian National University, Australia
      University of Queensland, Australia
      University of New England, Australia
      University of Adelaide, Australia

University of Melbourn, Australia

      New Zealand     

Massey University, New Zealand

Lincoln University, New Zealand


 National Taiwan University, Taiwan

National Chung Hsing University ,Taiwan

Assam Agricultural University, India

Bihar Agricultural University , India

CCS Haryana Agricultural University, India

 Punjab Agricultural University, India

Visayas State University, Philippines

Central Bicol State University of Agriculture, Philippines

University of Southern Mindanao, College of Agriculture, Philippines

Central Luzon State University, Philippines


 Delta State University, Africa

       University of Maiduguri, Africa
       Ambrose Alli University, Africa
       University of Benin, Africa
       University of Nigeria Nsuk, Africa
       Obafemi Awolowo University, Africa
        University of Pretoria, Africa
        Stellenbosch University, Africa
        Makerere University, Africa

  United States 

  Southern Illinois University at Carbondale, USA

        Iowa State University, USA
        University of Kentucky, USA
       University of Maine, USA
       Montana State University, USA
      Texas A&M University, USA
       Utah State University, USA
       Tarleton State University, USA
       The University of Vermont, USA
       Texas Tech University, USA
       University of Washington, USA
      University of Wyoming, USA


       University of Alberta, Canada

University of British Columbia, Canada

University of Manitoba, Canada 

University of Saskatchewan, Canada

 Macdonald Campus of McGill University, Canada

Future Prospects

Researchers attending Soil Science meeting  can adapt to present circumstances both inside, regarding our methods and rehearses, and remotely as far as our relations with associate researchers in different orders. Demonstrate the particular estimation of soil science and to Raise attention to soil natural issue as a key property of soils the integrative idea of soils, soil researchers are in an interesting position to take administration in all-encompassing frameworks investigations of biological systems instructive projects are required at all levels, beginning in grade schools, and emphasizing. All this is just conceivable if analysts, with soil researchers in the bleeding edges, investigate the fence towards different orders, to the world-everywhere and to the strategy field

  • Soil Science: Research and Advances
  • Plant Science and Agriculture
  • Food Safety, Quality and Security
  • Soil Fertility and Soil-Plant Nutrition
  • Soil Microbiology, Health and Bio Control
  • Toxicology: Analysis
  • Environmental Soil Chemistry and Biotechnology
  • Soil Erosion and Soil Management
  • Soil Geology, Morphology and Soil Management
  • Soil-Plant Interaction and Analysis
  • Soil Biodiversity with Soil Organic Matter Dynamics
  • Environment Change and Plant Health
  • Earth and Geosciences
  • Management of Water and Soil Resources under Global Climate Changes
  • Soil Genesis, Classification and Cartography, Geo statistics, Remote Sensing and GIS
  • Soil Analytical Tools and Techniques for Soil Research Integrity
  • Mitigation and Adaptation Strategies for climate Change
  • Biodiversity
  • Plant and Forest Ecology and its Diversity
  • Forest Science and Technology
  • Pedology
  • Developing Policies to Prevent and Control soil Pollution
  • Nanotechnology for Soil and Groundwater Remediation

6 Organizing Committee Members

3 Renowned Speakers

Kelly T. Morgan

University of Florida

Lyudmyla Symochko

Uzhhorod National University,

Stanislav Torma

National Agricultural and Food Center

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