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World Psychiatrists and Psychologists Conference

Toronto, Canada   August 28, 2020

Denise M. Dudley

Denise M. Dudley

Behavioral Psychologist and
Founder of SkillPath Seminars


Denise M. Dudley is a professional trainer and keynote speaker, author, business consultant, and founder of SkillPath Seminars, the largest public training company in the world, which provides 18,000 seminars per year, and has trained over 12 million people in the US, Canada, South Africa, Australia, New Zealand and the UK. Denise holds a PhD in behavioral psychology, a hospital administrator's license, a preceptor for administrators-in-training license, and is licensed to provide training to medical professionals in the United States and Canada. Denise is the former Clinical Director of Crestwood Hospitals, which is largest corporation of long-term psychiatric facilities in California. She is also a certified AIDS educator, a licensed field therapist for individuals with agoraphobia, a regularly featured speaker on the campuses of many universities across the US, and the author many books and audio programs, including Simon and Schuster best-selling audio series, Making Relationships Last. Denise speaks all over the world on a variety of topics, including management and supervision skills, leadership, assertiveness, communication, personal relationships, interviewing skills, and career readiness. Her latest book, Work it! Get in, Get noticed, Get promoted, is currently available on Amazon.com, and is receiving all 5-star customer reviews.

Research Interest

Behavioral psychology

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