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Berlin | Germany   August 29-30, 2018

Henry T Bedoya

Henry T Bedoya

Norwegian University of Life Sciences


Henry T. Bedoya Has background in biological, botanical and microbiological studies and degrees from Kharkov´s National State University, Ukraine; University of Oslo, Norway and The University of Life Sciences of Norway. Field studies in food production at greenhouse conditions and specialization in microalgae biomass (MAB) production in greenhouse at northern latitudes. This journey started in Ukraine and continued in Norway with production and delivery of the MAB for the EU project under the Research for SME program titled, “Operation SWAT” under contract n: 286840 and comprehended cost-effective MAB production in two processes: upscaling and harvesting by flocculation and filtration. SWAT involved R&D institutions from Czech Republic, Germany, Poland, Spain UK and Norway. Bedoya´s work at NMBU and IGV-GmbH results and findings, generated the core data for the recreation of a conveyor belt filter device from the wastewater treatment industry (Salsnes Filter Series), into a device specialized in MAB harvesting.

Research Interest

Natural life science

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