International Conference on

Synthetic Biology

Paris, France   July 16-17, 2018

Stefanie Reichelt

Stefanie Reichelt

University of Cambridge


Stefanie Reichelt is a Cambridge-based researcher and photographer. She has been the Head of the Light Microscopy Laboratory at the CRUK Cambridge Institute since 2005. Her research includes the development of new imaging techniques, which will enable the visualisation of molecules in cells for cancer diagnostics. In her photographic work, Stefanie explores the perception in photography, the visual exploration of the unknown and our feelings evoked by the mysterious. Stefanie is also founder and curator of ArtCell Gallery, which provides exhibition space on the Addenbrooke's Hospital site for local artists and the science community.

Research Interest

My research goal is the development of advanced non-linear imaging including multi-photon fluorescence imaging with fluorescence lifetime information as well as second harmonic imaging (SHG) for tumour detection in live cells and biopsies.

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