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Monday, April 15

Meetings International - Wireless 2019 Conference Keynote Speaker Moustafa H. Aly photo

Moustafa H. Aly

College of Engineering and Technology, Arab Academy for Science, Technology and Maritime Transport


New Trends in Optical Communications


Moustafa H. Aly has completed his PhD at the age of 34 years from Alexandria University and postdoctoral studies from Stracthclyde University (Scotland). He is professor of Optical Communications at College of Engineering, a former dean of engineering, Arab Academy. He has published more than 245 papers in reputed journals and specialized conferences. He is a co-supervisor for more than 125 M.Sc. and Ph.D. students, who already obtained their degrees. He has been serving as a reviewer of many ranked journals.                


The lecture include: Needs of optical networks, Fiber maps around globe, Definitions of: Optical Communications, Light and Optics, Laser and Fiber, Fiber Communications and Free Space Optics. The lecture illustrates: Optical Communication System and Submarine Cables. This is followed by the description of the great revolutions in this field, which are: Optical Amplifier (~1990) 1st Revolution, Fiber Bragg Grating, FBG (~1985), 2nd Revolution, and Visible Light Communication, VLC ~ (2010), 3rd Revolution. Applications including Fiber-To-The-Home FTTH and Endoscopes or Fiber Scopes are also explained.

For more understanding, some videos are to be displayed showing optical fibers, fabrication, undersea cables, cables repair and VLC.


Meetings International - Wireless 2019 Conference Keynote Speaker Jan Buis photo

Jan Buis

Vice President Wireless LAN, IoT & Switches


Peaceful coexistence of wireless technologies such as Wi-Fi 6, LTE, BLE, ZigBee and others


Jan started his professional career at Bell Labs in the Netherlands in the late 1990s and worked within Optical Networking. After a couple of years, Jan joined the initial WLAN development organization. He joined LANCOM Systems in 2006, where he held various senior positions in sales. Since 2014, he has been fully focusing on Business Development. In 2017, he became temporary responsible for the product lines WLAN and Switches, returning early 2019 as Vice President Business Development. Jan holds an international MBA (Purdue University) as well as a Master’s degree in Industrial Engineering and Management Science (Eindhoven University of Technology).


Wi-Fi (WLAN) has become a 2 Trillion USD market and is on its way to become 3 trillion soon1. The economic value of Wi-Fi has become undeniable, up to a level the one of the key needs of life has become Wi-Fi accessibility in conjunction with battery life.

Wi-Fi also has become the mean of connectivity, far above mobile connectivity2. The off-loading isn’t the Wi-Fi for the cellular networks, but the cellular has become the alternative, when there is no Wi-Fi available.

Through time, it seems that Wi-Fi and Cellular is doing a rat-race on who will become the leading factor in the end. The current 5G presented applications are somehow the same being presented when LTE was introduced, even when UMTS was announced3,4. Still, the constant increase in applications needing internet access, keeps on changing the demand of each the technologies.

Instead of working against each other, we should start understand the end-user needs and related applications; each solution and ideal technology will deliver the capabilities. This won’t be only 5G, Wi-Fi or anything else.


11:20 - 11:40
Meetings International - Wireless 2019 Conference Keynote Speaker Professor Raimo Kantola photo

Professor Raimo Kantola

Aalto University School of Electrical Engineering, 00076Aalto, Finland Department of Communications and Networking


Design and Use Cases of Cooperative Security in the Internet and 5G


After some 15 years of industrial experience at Nokia in T&K, marketing and research, Raimo Kantola graduated with the degree of Doctor of Technology in 1995 at Helsinki University of Technology (now Aalto University) and joined the University as a professor in 1996. Professor Kantola has held many positions of trust at the University. His recent research is on Software Defined Networking and network assisted end system security and its use cases in 5G and other IP networks.



The talk describes the idea of cooperative security for the Internet and 5G. The idea of cooperative security is that all good guys would cooperate automatically to mitigate all hacking over the Internet sharing evidence of misbehavior, constraining detected infected hosts and deploying security patches as quickly as they become available. The talk outlines the solution called Customer Edge Switching as an implementation of cooperative security. The talk discusses the design choices in the architecture and describes briefly some use cases under the constraints set by the network neutrality regulation. The technical details can be found in and naturally e.g. in IEEE Explore. Most concepts presented in the talk have been proven by Proof of Concept or running code level experimental implementation. Our current work is targeted to complementing the body of running code for further research and development. Code is published in GitHub/Aalto5G.

11:40 -12:00
Meetings International - Wireless 2019 Conference Keynote Speaker Sayed Aref Hadei  photo

Sayed Aref Hadei

Senior Wireless Network Engineer of Nokia Company, Tehran, IRAN


5G, Internet of Things and Creating A Better Future Through Connected Intelligence with Emphasis on Intelligent Transportation Systems


Sayed.A. Hadei has completed his M.Sc. degree in Electrical Engineering emphasis on communication Systems from Tarbiat Modares University Tehran, Iran. He is the senior wireless network engineer of NOKIA Company of IRAN section in optimization department. He has published more than 10 papers
in reputed journals and has been serving as an editorial board member and technical program committee of reputed journals and conferences.   His current research interest include adaptive signal processing, wireless communication, estimation theory, machine learning and IoT.


This summit will explore the question of how the ‘5G era’ will transform human existence, and the potential impact on markets, economies and society as a whole. The key technological and architectural enablers will be discussed, and predictions will be made for the future of all things. Connected vehicles will not only be driverless, but ownerless, especially in crowded urban areas, where cars remain unused 95% of the time and rapidly depreciating. In order to deliver a regular tailored service, partnerships are forming between media companies, automotive manufacturers and other ecosystem players. Increasingly, traditionally functional objects such as vehicles or homes are becoming adaptable enough to mould themselves to the preferences and tastes of their users. End user knowledge creates loyalty and regular custom. A lack of ownership does not have to mean a less personal experience. Arguably, items like cars are becoming an extension of one’s home and office, wherein they listen to the same music, experience the same connectivity and comfort. The implementation of technology allowing users to customize their shared car experience through music, car layout and even where they are located. The surge in self driving technology and the connected user will allow cars to provide a service entirely customized to the person riding it, their mood, time of day or even their destination.