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Scope and Market Analysis of the Environmental Science     

Principles and approaches of environmental sciences are applicable in several areas of development.  These areas are studied as scope of the subject.  Environmental science has a vast scope since it covers a wide range of subject matters or issues related to our complex life-supporting system.  Scope of the subject can be described in terms of major areas of applicability as well as career opportunities related to the subject. Three major areas of applicability of the subject are, Management of natural resources, Conservation of ecosystem  and biodiversity, Prevention and control of pollution. In addition, environmental science plays a key role in solving complex environmental issues of varying scale, including climate change, ozone  layer depletion, energy  crisis, desertification, urbanization,  population  explosion, and  so  on. Scope of the subject in terms of career opportunities is vast. For the last two decades, environmental science has been associated with many career opportunities.        

Traditionally, environmental markets have been conservative, driven primarily by regulation and slow to change. However, with increasing political awareness, a rapid increase in regulatory requirements and growing economic impact of environmental issues, the sector is set for significant change. This will create new opportunities for sales / profit growth and Qi3 has a unique combination of market knowledge, regulatory monitoring and technology foresight to help organisations exploit these opportunities.          

Our work with a range of organisations enables us to monitor the legislative and regulatory developments that are the bedrock of the sector. We are closely involved with many knowledge transfer and exchange programmes giving us wide exposure to the new technologies and scientific discoveries in the field. Our broad ranging commercial experience in the environment, instrumentation, biotechnology, and associated sectors enables us to rapidly evaluate new market requirements and changing market conditions to identify sales and profit opportunities.

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