Global Experts Meeting On Cell and Gene Therapy

Dubai, UAE   April 25-26, 2018

Jonathan Schwartz

Jonathan Schwartz

Medical Marvels


Jonathan Schwartz has over 30 years doing international business consulting for emerging medical technologies and has been focused on stem cell technologies and regenerative medicine for the past six years. He currently is the Managing Director of the Regenerative Cellular Institute in the United States and does business consulting for several companies globally, including, Mystem, Bioquark, WinCell, StemCells21, IntellihealthPlus, Al Mediq, Glo PRP, WeHealPlus, and Arpwave. He has previously worked in many capacities with Spacelabs Medical, GE Healthcare, Intellicell Biosciences, Coloplast, and Smith and Nephew. He has degrees from Queens College, Almeda University and NYU Medical School.

Research Interest

His research interests are stem cells, regenerative medicine, cell therapy. clinical trails.

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