World Congress on

Telemedicine & Medical Informatics

Las Vegas, USA   October 4-5, 2018

Ronald R O Donnell

Ronald R O Donnell

Arizona State University College of Health Solutions


Ronald O Donnell, Ph.D., is a clinical professor and Program Manager, International Programs, in the Arizona State University College of Health Solutions. He is president of SunCrane Health Solutions. Dr.Ronald O Donnell is the founding director of the Doctor of Behavioral Health program and other educational initiatives focused on workforce training for integrated behavioral health. He is Principle Investigator of the PCORI research grant on integrated care with Banner Health in Phoenix Arizona. Dr.Ronald O Donnell has also lectured and provided trainign for physicians and other health professionals in China and Southeast Asia. He is an advocate of incorporating Internet and mHealth behavior change resources into the practice of integrated behavioral health.

Research Interest

level of primary care integration, health risk, and treatment clinical and cost outcomes

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