World Congress Telemedicine and Medical Informatics

Las Vegas, USA   November 28-29, 2018


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Apollo Telemedicine Networking Foundation (ATNF), a not-for-profit organization, is a part of the Apollo Hospitals Group. It is credited with being the first to setup a Rural Telemedicine centre in 1999 in Aragonda (in Andhra Pradesh, India). Today, ATNF has emerged as Indias single largest turnkey provider in the area of Telemedicine with over 125 peripheral centres including 10 overseas. More than 102.000 Teleconsultations in 25 different disciplines have been provided Patients have been evaluated from distances ranging from 200 to 7500 km., commissioning the worlds first VSAT enabled, modern secondary care hospital in a village, at Aragonda, Andhra Pradesh, India on 24th March 2000. ATNF works with multiple entities including the medical bodies, private and public sectors, Central and State Governments both at a domestic and international level to popularize the concept of Telemedicine. ATNF offers customized solutions addressing telemedicine support for primary, secondary and tertiary level of healthcare. ATNF was the first to promote clinical Telemedicine in South Asia. ATNF was selected by the Ministry of External Affairs, Govt of India, for the mega Pan African E-Network Project, to provide Teleconsultation and Tele-Education to 53 countries of the African Union. Consultations with African countries are now well established. A state of the art studio enables Tele Lectures to be given to various countries in Africa. “Please visit for more details on Telemedicine Program of Apollo Hospitals Group”

The Hong Kong Telemedicine association(HKTA) is the first non-profit making organization in Hong Kong advocate promoting access to medical care for consumers and health professionals via telecommunications technology. HKTA also serves a unique platform for exchange knowledge among expertise from health professionals and information technology. HKTA seeks to bring together academic medical centers, telecommunications companies, medical societies, medical doctors in private and public sectors, government and others to overcome barriers to the advancement of telemedicine through professional and ethical improvement in health care delivery. Strategies of HKTA to achieve the goal: 1. Promoting research and education including the sponsorship of scientific educational meetings and the Telemedicine Journal. 2. Educating the Government / Hospital Authority about telemedicine as an essential component in the delivery of modern medical care. 3. Fostering networking and collaboration among interests in medicine and information technology. 4. Provide impetus for the development of appropriate clinical and industry policies and standards.