Annual Biomarkers Congress

Osaka | Japan   September 20-21, 2018


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THE PHARMA WORLD is the first and the only bi-monthly Pharmaceutical and Health Journal of its kind in Bangladesh catering to the needs of Pharmaceutical Industries, Physicians, Healthcare Providers, Academicians and all other stakeholders related to this sector. The Journal is also designed to disseminate information about the advancement of research & development in pharmaceutical sector and medical science, thereby constantly updating readers on this multi-dimensional segment. Besides this, THE PHARMA WORLD acts as representative of many reputed International event organizers worldwide. THE PHARMA WORLD represents a good number of international event organizers of the UK, India, Vietnam, Pakistan, South Korea, China, Singapore, South Africa, Kenya, Nigeria, Senegal, the UAE, Jordan, Syria, Sudan, Tanzania, Philippines, Malaysia, to name a few. THE PHARMA WORLD also has a Consultancy Division which is engaged in a wide range of activities which include Export Promotion, Bioequivalence Study, Market Survey, Training, and organizing seminar/ workshop/ conference on matters relating to the pharma sector.

Since 2004, Medgadget has been reporting on medical technology from around the world. We cover the latest medical devices and approvals, technology breakthroughs and discoveries, conduct exclusive interviews with med tech leaders, and file reports from healthcare conferences.

International Wellness Industry Expo is a 3 day event being held from 27th June to 29th June 2018 at the Poly World Trade Center Expo in Guangzhou, China. The central theme of this event is wellness in China welfare for the world and is credited as an overwhelming response to national policy and a good platform to cater for market demand.Tapping into China’s growing demand for high-quality wellness & health products, Wellness China 2018 targets at both the general public as well as professionals, covering an exhibition area of 10,000 sqm.

The National Biomarker Development Alliance (NBDA) is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. The goal of NBDA leadership, beyond becoming a trusted third party where all stakeholders in the biomarker communities can work together, is to also ensure that the Alliance would receive robust fiduciary oversight, as well as access to the important resources and services needed to support the organization and its mission. In that regard, the ASU Foundation served as an ideal partner to organize the NBDA and will provide needed services in the future through the Research Collaboratory at ASU (RCASU). The NBDA was established officially on September 24, 2013, as initial members of the RCASU. NBDA’s governance and management will directly engage a Steering Committee and Scientific Advisory Committee. RCASU will serve as an Ex-Offico of the Steering Committee.