International Conference on

NanoTechnology and NanoEngineering

Paris, France    July 16-18, 2018

Candido Fabrizio Pirri

Candido Fabrizio Pirri

Politecnico di Torino


Dr.Candido Fabrizio Pirri has completed his PhD in Physics of Matter at Politecnico di Torino and Professor of Physics of Matter since 2001 at Politecnico di Torino. In 1999 he was the founder of the Materials and Microsystems Labs (CHI-LAB) of Politecnico di Torino. At the present he is Responsible of the Lab with a Research Staff working in the field of micro-technologies and nano-science Since 2003 he is Coordinator, for the Polytechnic of Turin, of the International Master of Science in Micro and Nanotechnologies for Integrated Systems (POLITO, INP Grenoble, EPF Losanne: Since 2005 he is Coordinator of the National MIUR Excellence Laboratory “LATEMAR” funded by FIRB 2003 call From March 2011 to May 2016 he was Director of the Center for Space Human Robotics of the Italian Institute of Technology . From May 2016 he is Senior Scientist and P.I. of “Advanced Materials Lab” at Italian

Research Interest

Micro and nanotechnologies for biological applications

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