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Singapore   May 14-15, 2018

Prof. Nativ Dudai

Prof. Nativ Dudai

Principal Researcher
Newe Ya'ar Research Center of the Agricultural Research Organization


Prof. Nativ Dudai is a principal researcher and breeder in the Unit of Medicinal and Aromatic Plants in the Newe Ya'ar Research Center of the Agricultural Research Organization, Israel. Prof. Dudai works on acclimation, domestication and breeding of aromatic and medicinal plants and manages a big living gene bank for this goal. One of his main scopes is development and breeding elite varieties of aromatic plants for year round production. His sweet basil cultivars are leading and renowned in the production of the fresh cut herbs. His breeding concentrate also in the improvement of the health values of herbs by using classical breeding methods to manipulate their secondary metabolites content and composition. This approach has led to development of commercial products such as clary sage as new source of Omega 3 oil and rosemary with very high content of carnosic acid for the natural preservative products. He is also involved in research on the bioactivity of plants and their secondary metabolites, mainly the inhibition of germination and growth of plants by essential oils and their anticancer activity.

Research Interest

Aromatic and medicinal plants, Bioactivity of plants and their secondary metabolites.

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