April 20-21, 2020


Montreal, Canada

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Course For Doctors

Keeping up to date with new advances, treatments, and evidence in medicine is an essential component

CourseForDoctors is a platform for advertising all healthcare related meetings, medical conferences, doctors courses, and workshops.


We Link Crude Oil, Petroleum Products, gas oil, bunker oil, gasoline, LPG, LNG, Petrochemicals, Bitumen to the international buyers and sellers and operate research store, event center and job center.


Registration of conferences Registration of attendees for conferences Registration and invitation of speakers according to their field of study (Register as a speaker) Evaluation and ranking of conferences and congresses

China Import and Export fair

   China Foreign Trade Centre (CFTC), a government-sponsored institution affiliated to Ministry of C

China Foreign Trade Centre (Group), a business entity affiliated to China Foreign Trade Centre, mainly organizes large and specialized exhibitions, operates the Canton Fair Complex and National Convention and Exhibition Center (Shanghai). It also covers business such as e-commerce, advertising, import and export, tourism, hotel, restaurant, property etc. through its subsidiary, holding company, or joint-stock company.