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Tokyo, the capital city of the parliamentary democratic monarchy of Japan, is also home to the Emperor’s Palace and the seat of Government and Parliament. The cultural side of Tokyo is famous for its numerous museums, theatres, festivals and professional sports clubs, including baseball, football along with traditional Japanese pursuits like Sumo Wrestling.  Tourism in Japan has been given a noteworthy improvement since Tokyo won its endeavor to have the 2020 Olympics.  The Imperial Palace, Asakusa and the Senso-ji Temple, The Meiji Shrine, Ueno Park and Zoo, The Tokyo Sky tree, National Museum for Nature and Science, Mount Fuji Mountain, HamaRikyu Garden, Akihabara, Rainbow Bridge, National Art Center, The Kabuki-za Theatre all are the tourists attraction places in Tokyo. The famous Universities dealing with Veterinary Sciences in Tokyo are University of Tokyo, Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology, Veterinary Medical Center.


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To get to the venue place, you can take one of the city bus lines, tube or railway service. All the services are comfortable to reach into the place.