10th World Food Congress

Food Summit 2019

Theme: Revolutionary and the Advanced Food Technology in Food Preservation and Food Processing to Provide Nutrition for Health

Food Summit in conjunction with its institutional partners and Editorial Board Members are delighted to invite you all to the ''World Food Congress'' going to be held in Rome, Italy during October 22-23, 2019. This Food Event is organized to foster information exchange and networking., business professionals, foundation leaders, direct service providers, policymakers, researchers, academicians, advocates and others to discuss and exchange their knowledge and experience on recent public wellbeing related concepts, encouraging the use of latest methods. This year the agenda will focus on the theme: Revolutionary and the Advanced Food Technology in Food Preservation and Food Processing to Provide Nutrition for Health. The Food Summit continues to be the premier environmental event for the food industry, bringing together senior environmental managers from food companies to share their experiences with sustainable practices, environmental compliance and new technologies and approaches in this International Academic Forum.

This food conference is open to those employed by a food processing company, food industry vendors, and consultant partners and supporting trade associations.

The conference program will feature well-known and thought-provoking speakers to interactive discussion sessions. Meetings International organizes a series conference of Global Event, Symposiums, and Workshops in the USA, Europe & Asia with support from scientific societies Open access journals.

Meetings International (Meetings Int.) is a global leader in producing high-quality conferences, meetings, workshops and symposia in all major fields of science, technology, and medicine. Since its inception, Meetings Int. has been associated with national and international associations, corporations and high-level individuals, dedicated to hosting world-class conferences and events. Meetings Int. supports broad scope research and peer review at a broad range of specialists around the world. The key strategic objective of Meetings Int. is to communicate science and research between academia and industry.

We hope and expect Food Summit 2019 theme to inspire a number of research avenues and look forward to discussing ideas, findings, and synergies.

We hope to see you at Food Summit 2019!

  • Food, Nurition and Health
  • Food Science and Food technology
  • Food Safety and Management
  • Food Microbiology and Enzymology
  • Beverages Processing
  • Malnutrition and Undernutrition
  • Food Packaging and Process Engineering
  • Food Chemistry and Molecular Food
  • Food Flavouring and Coatings
  • Food Adulteration and Fortification
  • Food Nutrition and Agricultural Science
  • Food Allergy and Public Health
  • Food Waste Management
  • Food Supply Chain Management
  • Food Quality Control and Quality Assurance
  • Food Safety and Security