International Conference on

Oral Health and Hygiene

Dubai, UAE   November 25-26, 2019


Oral Health 2019

Theme: Innovative ideas and method to create awareness on oral health

Oral Health and Hygiene 2019 will be an inventive and useful International gathering mirroring the heading of International conferences on Oral Health and Hygiene and offers an extensive variety of redirection to members of all foundations.This gathering gives an incredible chance to talk about the most recent advancements inside the field. It will give a worldwide stage to examine about the present and future difficulties in dental instruction, proceeding with training, medical procedure, focus on topics such as Oral Health research and advances Conferences on Oral Health and Hygiene will be the greatest meeting dedicated to dental  gives a best specialized meetings to detailing and finding out about the most recent innovative work along  with discussing of new applications and advances.

With Immense pleasure, Oral Health and Hygiene 2019 along with the Organizing Committee Members invites all the participants from all across the globe to attend International Conference on oral Health and Hygiene  from November 25-26, 2019  which will held in Dubai, UAE  with theme Innovative ideas and method to create awareness on oral health.

Session 1: Oral and Dental Health

Oral neatness is keeping one's mouth flawless and free of sicknesses and diverse issues  (e.g. horrendous breath) by predictable brushing and cleaning between the teeth. It is fundamental that oral neatness is finished all an opportunity to enable abhorrence for dental ailment.

The most surely understood sorts of dental affliction are tooth rot (holes, dental caries) and gum ailments, including Gingivitis, and Periodontitis.

A tooth cleaning is the removal of Dental plaque and Tartar from teeth to avert depressions, gum disease, gum sicknesses, and tooth. Extreme gum maladies cause no under 33% of grown-up tooth misfortune. For the most part, dental practitioners prescribe that teeth be cleaned professionally no not as much as twice every year. Vitamin D supplements help to lessen the rate of dental pits on a very basic level. The vitamin may have a mineralizing sway, which fortifies tooth veneer.

Session 2Oral Medicine

Oral medication is referred to dental pharmaceutical, oral and maxillofacial solution . It is particularly centred around the mouth and their structures. Oral solution lies amongst pharmaceutical and dentistry. This is for the most part worried about the clinical recognizable proof and non-careful administration of non-dental pathologies impact the or facial region that is the mouth and the lower confront.

There is additionally the exceptional circumstance of hard tissues penetrating the epithelial coherence (hair and nails are intra-epithelial tissues). The biofilm which covers teeth causes interesting pathologic substances known as  plaque-actuated sicknesses.

Session 3: Periodontics and Oral Hygiene

Periodontal torment is the most catch ailments influencing people at the Upcoming dental get-togethers. To the most periodontal torments, a Dental biofilm is a promoter. root sorting out and Scaling, Peri-Implantitis  and Gum join are a few procedures which is utilized for the treatment of periodontal disorders.

Oral hygiene is the execution of keeping the mouth and teeth cleanliness to help dental issues, that are dental depressions, gum disease, gum ailments and terrible breath. The oral neurotic conditions in which great oral cleanliness is basic things that should be possible for our teeth and gums.

Blossoming teeth is empower us to rest easy, which influences us to eat and talk appropriately.Preventive care, which incorporates legitimate brushing and flossing, that ends issues before they create and is less agonizing, costly, and troubling than nursing conditions that have been permitted to advance.

Session 4 : Oral Microbiology

Oral microbiology is the deliberation of the microorganisms of the mouth and their correspondence between oral microorganisms or with the manager. The conditions exhibit in the human mouth let the development of particular microorganisms found there. It creates a wellspring of water and supplements, and a controlled temperature.

Detainee microorganisms of the oral depression adhere to the teeth and gums to square mechanical clearing from the mouth to the stomach where corrosive touchy organisms are destroyed by hydrochloric corrosive. Microscopic organisms a mass on both the hard and delicate oral tissues in Biofilms. Bacterial attachment is essentially noteworthy for oral microscopic organisms. Oral microbes have inferred components to detect their encompassing and escape or change the host.

Session 5: Oral Oncology

Oral oncology known as mouth disease, is a sort of head and neck tumor and is any carcinogenic tissue development situated in the oral depression

There is an alternate class of oral diseases, of which 90% are scale cell carcinomas, starting in the tissues that line the mouth and lips. The tongue is the most included piece of our mouth. It might happen in the highest point of the mouth, gingiva (gums), sense of taste (top of the mouth), cheek lining. Under the magnifying lens the majority of the oral tumors  look  homogeneous and are called squamous cell carcinoma, the less unprecedented kinds of oral growth happen, for example, Kaposi's sarcoma. Oncogenes are actuated due to change of the DNA. The hazard factors are being looked into and recognized in epidemiological (the study of disease transmission) examines.

Session 6: Cosmetic Dentistry

From subtle swing to remarkable repairs, our dental specialist plays a push to upgrade your expansive grin which is most appraised in the Dentistry congress and Dentistry workshops. There are different system and other options to treat teeth that are missing, recolored, mutilated, recolored or contorted. A dental practitioner can reshape your teeth, restore worn or short teeth or change the length of your teeth, reshape close spaces.

The basic fundamental association joined solidify passing on, holding, crowns, cleans and reshaping and shaping.

· Teeth brightening

· Tooth white dispensary

· Dental inserts

Session 7: Oral Cancer

Oral cancer, generally called mouth cancer, is a kind of head and neck growth and is any Carcinogenic tissue advancement arranged in the oral depression.

It appears as an improvement or sore in the mouth that does not take off. Oral malady, which epitomizes extension of the lips, tongue, cheeks, can be serious if not researched and cured at first. Oral disease is managed a comparative way various distinctive tumors  are treated with medical procedure to oust the unsafe advancement, trailed by treatment and in addition chemotherapy (drug} to annihilate any leftover cancer cells.

Session 8: Oral Problems

Oral care doesn't just keep your teeth strong; it can altogether influence your general wellbeing, too. Around one of each 10 people  have  some sign of poor dental prosperity, and in a couple of cases that number goes up to appropriate around 100 percent. Tooth rot is the most generally perceived overall illness. Dental plaque, generally called dental biofilm, is a sticky, yellow film including a broad assortment of organisms which annexes to the tooth surfaces and can be undeniable around the gum line. It starts to return after the tooth surface has been cleaned, which is the reason consistent brushing is bolstered. Controlling plaque diminishes the risk of plaque-related sicknesses, for instance, Gingivitis, Periodontitis, and Caries.

Session 9: Dental Hygiene

Dental hygiene is a strategy for minding the mouth and teeth clean to avoid dental issues, most normally, gum disease, dental depressions, BAD breath and periodontal (gum) illnesses.

Teeth cleaning mean the expulsion of dental plaque and tartar from teeth to counteract pits, gum illness, gum disease and tooth rot. Tooth decay is the most widely global infection.

  • Vincent infection
  • Gerodontics
  • Caries: Future diagnostic tools and prevention
  • Nutrition and oral health
  • Photodynamic Therapy in Dentistry
  • Erosions/ Attrition/ Abrasion

Session 10Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery

Oral and Maxillofacial (OMF) medical procedure is novel popular a double capacity in medicine and dentistry, and routinely saw as the expansion in the midst of arrangement and dentistry, conditions which require aptitude from both foundation for example salivary organ diseases, head and neck malignancies, facial torment, facial hack sidedness,

Antibiotic prophylaxis and early dental embed dissatisfaction, Paediatric,   craniofacial  and  isolated medical procedure, facial awkwardness, mandibular joint issue, Influenced  teeth, wounds and  tumors  of the jaws and moreover different issues impacting the oral mucosa, for instance, mouth ulcers and defilements besides conclusion and organization of dento-facial contortions.

Micro vascular reconstruction

Cranio-maxillofacial trauma

Dental Anesthesiology

Goldenhar   syndrome.

Session 11Dental  Implant  Surgery

Dental implant surgery procedure is a strategy that replaces tooth roots with metal, screw like posts and replaces harmed or missing teeth with artificial teeth that look and capacity much likes genuine ones. Dental implant surgery procedure can offer an appreciated option in contrast to dentures or bridgework that doesn't fit well.

How dental implant surgery procedure is performed relies upon the kind of implant and the state of your jawbone. Dental implant surgery procedure may include a few strategies. The significant advantage of inserts is strong help for your new teeth a procedure that requires the unresolved issue firmly around the implant.


Market Analysis:
Global Dental Market is projected to cross US$ 60 Billion mark by the year 2024 due to growing demand for better oral hygiene services and rising disposable income of people globally.
Mounting awareness of the importance oral hygiene i.e. keeping the mouth and teeth clean; and can prevent cavities, gingivitis (inflammation of the gums), and bad breath is one of the major factors which helps to reach the global dental market to its new glory in the coming future. Growth in the market can primarily be attributed to factors such as the rapid growth of ageing population, increasing demand for cosmetic dentistry and growing incidence of dental caries and other periodontal diseases.
Total Dentists:
UAE- 5000
USA- 173574
In Major countries – 332838000.
List of Dental Universities in World Wide:
University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong
University of Michigan, USA
Tokyo Medical and Dental University, USA
Harvard University, USA
University of Gothenburg, Sweden
New York University, USA
University of North Carolina, USA
Peking, China
University of Washington, USA
University of Pennsylvania, USA
University of Birmingham, UK
University of California, USA
Worldwide Dental Organization:
British Dental Association, United Kingdom
American Dental Association, USA
British Dental Health Foundation, United Kingdom
Kuwaiti Dental Society, Kuwait
European Federation of Periodontology, Europe
American Academy of facial Pain, USA
Swedish Dental Association, Sweden
Companies Associated with Dentistry:
Delta Dental
Hopewell Dental Care
W &H Dentalwerk
Clinics Associated With Dentistry in Dubai:
Toothsmiths Dental Center
The Dental Lounge
Ilham Dental Clinic Dental Clinic
The Dental House.
Why Dubai?
There are eight major dentistry universities, more than 200 oral health companies and approx. 5000 dentists are in UAE. The supply of dentists per capita is higher in Dubai than in most developed countries. The Health Authority Abu Dhabi (HADD), the Dubai Health Authority (DHA) and the Ministry of Health (MOH) are the key player who governs the public healthcare services including dental health. Under the leadership of HRH Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Prime Minister and Vice President of the United Arab Emirates, and Ruler of Dubai, this city is a very exciting place with tremendous opportunities for excellent and ambitious dental professionals.
Why to Attend??
Oral Health-2019 could be an exceptional event that brings along a novel and International mixture of giant and medium dentistry analysis, leading universities and dentistry analysis establishments creating the conference an ideal platform to share expertise, foster collaborations across trade and world, and assess rising technologies across the world. World-renowned speakers, the most recent techniques, tactics, and the newest updates in Dentistry fields are hallmarks of this conference.
Who Should Attend?
Practicing dentists, nurses, physicians in training and other oral healthcare professionals interested in the latest advances and techniques in the field. Another segment of target audience is Dental researchers, Dental educators, Clinical organizations, Educational institutes, Business leaders in the health sector worldwide.
There are currently 1126 dentists registered in Dubai :978 in the private sector and 148 in public sector (107 at DHA and 41 belongs to MOH). Utilization of dental services in Dubai is low compared to international standards. Dubai’s per capita dental visit rate is just 0.49 per year compared to 1.51 in Australia.
Association in UAE and nearby region : 6
Dentistry Colleges in UAE : 15
Companies & Clinics in UAE : 369


Meetings International has always been at the forefront to support and encourage the scientific and techno researchers to march forward with their research work. International conference on Oral Health and Hygiene offers various awards as reorganization to exceptional researcher and their research work. We invite all enthusiastic researchers from all around the world join us for the International Conference on Oral Health and Hygiene scheduled in Dubai, UAE on November 25-26, 2019.

Eminent Keynote Speaker Award:

Oral Health 2019 will confer the Model Keynote Speaker Award to the researchers who have spent a considerable time of their academic life towards the research related to conference topic. Keynote speaker award is for the researchers/speakers who have done all the hard work behind the scene. It will be a small clap for their dedication and hard work.

Outstanding Speaker Award:

Oral Health 2019 will bestow model speaker award to those researchers who have made significant contribution towards the conference topic during their research period as well as presented the research topic in an impressive way in the oral presentation during the summit. It will be an apt appreciation from the Jury as well as from the delegates. The award they receive will motivate them to march forward with the research work.

Model Organizing Committee Member Award:

Oral Health 2019 will take this opportunity to facilitate eminent experts from this field with the model Organizing Committee Member award for their phenomenal contribution towards the society through their academic research.  This will be a trivial but significant reorganization of their dedication and discipline.

Promising Young Researcher Award:

The motive of this Award during the Oral Health 2019 is to appreciate research work of the budding young researcher who is continuing their research work to create a better society. The award will provide them a tremendous amount of encouragement to keep moving forward.

Educative Poster Award:

The educative poster award for the Oral Health 2019 will be endorsement for those who wishes to display their research paper through a poster and will act as a guiding force those researchers. The award will be presented to the most informative and educative research poster.


  • All presented abstracts will automatically be considered for the Award.
  • All the presentation will be evaluated in the conference venue.
  • All the awards will be selected by the judges of the award category.
  • The winners will be formally announced during the closing ceremony.
  • The winners of the Poster Award will receive award certificate.
  • The awards will be assessed as far as plan and format, intelligence, argumentation and  approach, familiarity with past work, engaging quality, message and primary concerns, parity of content visuals, and by and large impression.


  • All submissions must be in English.
  • The topic must fit into scientific sessions of the conference.
  • Each individual participant is allowed to submit maximum 2 papers.
  • Abstract must be submitted online as per the given abstract template.
  • Abstracts must be written in Times New Roman and font size will be 12.
  • Abstract must contain title, name, affiliation, country, speaker’s biography, recent photograph, image and reference.
  • Each poster should be approximately 1x1 M long. The title, contents and the author’s information should be clearly visible from a distance of 1-2 feet.
  • Oral and Dental Health
  • Oral Medicine
  • Periodontics and Oral Hygiene
  • Oral Microbiology
  • Oral Oncology
  • Cosmetic Dentistry
  • Oral Cancer
  • Oral Problems
  • Dental Hygiene
  • Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery
  • Dental Implant Surgery

7 Organizing Committee Members

10 Renowned Speakers

Jehad Al Sukhun

MedCare Hospital, Safa Park

Nana Hasegawa

Japanese Academy of Sports Dentistry

Khalid Motlaq

King Khalid of University
Saudi Arabia

Mohammed Alqarni

King Khalid University
Saudi Arabia

Francis Mante

University of Pennsylvania

Mazen Aljurf

Johann Wolfgang Goethe University

Abdullah Jaija

Cairo University,

Muhamood Moothedath

Qassim University
Saudi Arabia

Mohammad Qasem

Danube University

Sara Jawadi

Auckland University of Technology

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