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Tokyo   August 06-07, 2018

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About Tokyo:

Japan is located in the Pacific Ocean; it lies off the eastern coast of the Asian mainland and stretches from the Sea of Okhotsk in the north to the East China Sea and China in the southwest. Japan is often referred to by the famous epithet "Land of the Rising Sun" in reference to its Japanese name. Japan is a stratovolcanic archipelago consisting of about 6,852 islands. The population of japan is about 127 million is the world's tenth largest. Japanese people make up 98.5% of Japan's total population. Approximately 9.1 million people live in Tokyo, the capital of Japan. The Greater Tokyo Area is the most populous metropolitan area in the world. It is the seat of the Emperor of Japan and the Japanese government. It officially became the capital after Emperor Meiji moved his seat to the city from the old capital of Kyoto in 1868; at that time Edo was renamed Tokyo. Tokyo position is first in the Global Economic Power Index and fourth in the Global Cities Index. Tokyo was ranked as the 11th most costly city for expatriates, according to the Mercer consulting firm, and also the world's 11th most expensive city, according to the Economist Intelligence Unit's cost-of-living survey. In 2015, Tokyo was named the Most Liveable City in the world by the magazine Monocle.


Tokyo is 40 m (131 ft) in the average elevation. Chiba Prefecture borders it to the east, Yamanashi to the west, Kanagawa to the south, and Saitama to the north. Tokyo is segmented into the special wards (occupying the eastern half) and the Tama area stretching westwards. It lies northwest of Tokyo Bay and measures about 90 km (56 mi) east to west and 25 km (16 mi) north to south.

Education & Life Style

For education purpose Tokyo has many universities, junior colleges, and vocational schools. Many of Japan's most prestigious universities are in Tokyo, including University of Tokyo, Hitotsubashi University, Tokyo Institute of Technology, Waseda University, Tokyo University of Science, and Keio University etc. In Tokyo important lifestyle activity Shopping .

Tourist attraction of Tokyo

Tokyo is a beautiful tourist city that boasts of constant change, reinvention, and renewal. Tokyo looks like any technologically advanced modern city, however it is home to some world famous traditional and historical landmarks such as Tokyo National Museum, Ghibli Museum, Fukagawa Fudō-dō, Koishikawa Kōrakuen etc

University and Research Centres

Some of the biggest national universities in Tokyo are Hitotsubashi University, National Graduate Institute for Policy Studies, Ochanomizu University, Tokyo Medical and Dental University, Japan Community Health Care Organization Chukyo Hospital, Japanese Red Cross Nagoya Daiichi Hospital, Japanese Red Cross Nagoya Daini Hospital, Meijo Hospital, Research Institute for Science and Technology.

Scientists from Tokyo

The famous scientists are Akira Endo, Atsumu Ohmura, Eizaburo Nishibori, Hideki Shirakawa, Hidetsugu Yagi, Hiraga Gennai, Hiroaki Mitsuya, Hiroshi Komiyama, Isamu Akasaki.


Japan's biggest domestic and international hub for rail, ground, and air transportation. Public transportation within Tokyo is dominated by an extensive network of clean and efficient [90] trains and subways run by a variety of operators, with buses, monorails and trams playing a secondary feeder role. There are up to 62 electric train lines and more than 900 train stations in Tokyo.




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