4th International Conference on

Wireless & Telecommunication

Wireless Telecommunication 2022

Theme: Connecting Critical Communications

4th International Conference on Wireless & Telecommunication generously invites attentive participants across the globe to Technology for Wireless organize on November 21-22, 2022 in Rome, Italy. The conference is to introduce and encourage new aspects and novel innovative technologies and advancement from the global and local Business Professionals, Scientists, Professors, Directors of associations, Delegates, Industrialists, Researchers, and Students from the field of Wireless and Telecommunication to interchange information on their latest research progress and with a theme "Connecting Critical Communications " to cover almost all aspects and fields of wireless and telecommunication.
Track 1: Wireless Communication
In this Wireless conference, wired connections are gradually being supplanted by numerous latest, emerging wireless technologies. The rise of new wireless technologies has brought out many new ideas and applications to society. In this era, we all are contemplated different solutions in the wireless field which helps to explode out many new genera of remote innovation. Wireless Communication or innovation is just a recent specialized term given to describe wireless telecommunication where the EM (Electro-Magnetic) waves carry the signal over the communication path. Now let’s explore knowledge on the recent wireless technologies.
5G stands for the fifth generation of wireless technology for mobile cellular communication. Each generation refers to a developmental leap in wireless technology that is typically not backward-compatible. History seems to indicate that this developmental leap happens once every decade. Let us quickly go over the past four generations before we see what 5G has in store for us.
Telecommunication is electronic information exchange utilizing electromagnetic waves, most generally radio waves. The guidance transferred is often in the form of digital information, which incorporates voice transmission. Wireless Telecommunications can also incorporate analogy signals; however, these are being phased out in many industries. Telecommunication is also usually thought of as being two-route, with both sides having receiving and transmission abilities. Communication Conference will highlight an exhaustive technical program offering numerously specialized (technical) sessions with papers exhibiting the recent technologies and services.
In this Wireless conference wired connections are gradually being supplanted by various latest, emerging wireless technologies. At this time, we as a whole are expecting different solutions in the wireless field which helps to burst out numerous new kinds of wireless technology.
There are different kinds of wireless communication systems for transmitting voice, video, and data in local or wide areas. Like point-to-point wireless bridges, wireless local area networks, multidirectional wireless cellular systems, and telecommunication frameworks.
This subject survey “mobile" wireless technologies that provide voice and remote communication services to mobile clients who utilize cell phones, PDAs, Internet terminals, and related remote gadgets.
 A mobile device is anything that can be used on the move, ranging from laptops to mobile phones. As long as location is not fixed, it is considered mobile. Areas that are not included in our definition of mobile include remote offices, home offices, or home appliances. While these are definitely remote, they are not considered mobile.
Wireless refers to the transmission of voice and data over radio waves. It allows workers to communicate with enterprise data without requiring a physical connection to the network.
A wireless network is a computer network that uses wireless data connections for interfacing system hubs. Wireless networks enable respective to interact with e-mail or browse the Internet from their location. A mobile network administrator is a provider of services wireless communications that possess or control all the elements necessary to offer and deliver services to an end-user including radio spectrum allocation, wireless network framework, backhaul infrastructure, billing, customer care, provisioning computer frameworks, and marketing and repair organizations.
The communication satellite is an artificial satellite that transmits and receives and amplifies radio media transmission signals. This procedure is executing at different locations on earth. These wireless communication satellites are utilized for TV, telephone, radio, internet, and military applications. A genus of satellites working in the show is known as a satellite constellation.
The number of mobile benefaction has been expanded throughout the most recent decade.  It will make an impact effect on the CO2 emissions of wireless telecommunication and online business systems. Green communication is the plump for energy-efficient communications, networking technologies, and consequences. It reduces resources to use whenever feasible in all boughs of communications.
Optical communication is a type of communication in which unguided visible IR (infrared), or UV (ultraviolet) light employ to transfer a signal. It can be performed visually or by using electronic gadgets .
Multi-hop routing is one amid types of wireless communication in radio networks that has a large network coverage area than the radio range of single nodes.
Wireless mesh networks
Wireless sensor networks
Vehicular Ad-Hoc networks
Smartphone and Ad-Hoc networks
Mobile Ad-Hoc networks
This mode of wireless communication uses routers to fetch guidance wirelessly and thereby allows users within the proximity of the router to access the network. These networks must be secured with passwords for security; otherwise, intruders can ingress the network posing threat to sensitive information. Example: Electronic devices like smartphones, laptops, etc. use Wi-Fi networks.
Optical communication, also known as Optical telecommunication, is communication at a distance using light to carry information. It can be performed visually or by using electronic devices. The earliest basic forms of optical communication date back several millennia, while the earliest electrical device created to do so was the photo phone, invented in 1880.
Market Analysis
Market Synopsis of Global Data wireless communication:
Market Growth over the period owing to increasing smart device usage to access real-time data can be expected how much Wireless communication market is witnessed. Rapid technological advancements and evolving consumer needs have led to the development of new OS (operating systems) and high performance smartphones, and is also expected to be the key factor driving wireless communication market growth. 

Market Scenario
The wireless communication market is projected to grow from USD 794.6 million in 2018 to USD 1867.8 million by 2023, at a CAGR of 18.6% the growing penetration of cellular systems and increasing demand of wireless data services for exchanging information across the globe are the major factors driving the global wireless data communication market.

The Global Wireless Data Communication Market,2018—2023(USD Billion)
The advent of forge ahead cell phones, tablets, and high-tech hand-held devices connected to a wireless networks are considered a game-changer in the growth of the wireless data communication market.. However, technical issues associated with connectivity and network may pose a challenge to the wireless communication market growth. In addition, the shortage of infrastructure in rural areas is additionally expected to negatively impact market growth.

Top 10 Telecom Companies in the world 2018                                

  1. Verizon Communications | USA | Market value: $201 billion
  2. AT&T | USA | Market value: $198 billion
  3. China Mobile | China | Market value: $193 billion
  4. Nippon Telegraph and Telephone | Japan | Market value: $96 billion
  5. Softbank | Japan | Market value: $85 billion
  6. Deutsche Telekom | Germany | Market value: $81 billion
  7. Vodafone | UK | Market value: $76 billion  
  8. Telefonica | Spain | Market value: $51 billion
  9. Orange | France | Market value: $48 billion
  10. China Telecom | China | Market value: $39 billion

Major Wireless Communication Associations around the Globe

  • Centre for International Research on Communication and Information Technologies,   Australia
  • Centre for Wireless Communication at the National University of Singapore
  • Communications Research Laboratory of the Ministry of Posts and Telecommunications, Japan
  • Competitive Telecommunications Association
  • European Organization for Standardizing Information & Communication Systems, ECMA (Switzerland)
  • Institute for Telecommunication Sciences (USA)
  • Advanced Telecommunications Institute, Hudson NJ
  • Alliance for Competitive Communications, USA
  • Alliance for Public Technology, USA
  • Institute of Electrical & Electronics Engineering, IEEE (USA)
  • International Interactive Communications Society, IICS USA
  • American Communication Association, USA
  • Institute of Electronics, Information and Communication Engineers (in English & in Japanese)
  • Institute of Telecommunication and Acoustics, ITA (Poland)
  • International Mobile Telecommunications Association
  • International Multimedia Teleconferencing Consortium
  • International Telecommunications Union (Switzerland)
  • Pacific Telecommunications Council, PTC
  • SINTEF Telecom and Informatics (Norway)
  • Society for Technical Communication
  • U.S. Federal Communication Commission, FCC
  • American Electronics Association
  • European Association for Education in Electrical and Information Engineering

Major Wireless Communication Associations

  • Institute of Electrical & Electronics Engineering, IEEE (USA)
  • Alliance for Public Technology (USA)
  • International Interactive Communications Society, IICS USA
  • Institute for Telecommunication Sciences (USA)

Top Universities in Worldwide

  • Princeton University
  • Stanford University
  • University of Texas at Austin
  • Arizona State University
  • Rice University
  • Texas A&M University
  • University of Delaware
  • University of California, Riverside
  • Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)
  • Colorado State University
  • Harvard University
  • DeVry University
  • University of Cambridge
  • University of Oxford
  • Imperial College London
  • University of Toronto Mississauga
  • Case Western Reserve Engineering
  • University of California, Berkeley
  • California Institute of Technology (Caltech)
  • University of Michigan
  • Michigan State University
  • Ohio University
  • University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA)
  • Georgia Institute of Technology (Georgia Tech)
  • Carnegie Mellon University
  • New Jersey
  • Institute of Technology
  • ETH Zürich – Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Zürich
  • Imperial College London
  • National University of Singapore (NUS)
  • Northwestern University
  • Hong Kong University of Science and Technology
  • Cornell University

This wireless technology makes wonders in the networking field. Networking helps in exchanging data, sharing files, and many other things. We have numerous networks like LAN, WAN, MAN, PAN, etc. in existing but probably IMAX (Worldwide Interoperability for Microwave Access) might be the future big thing in the wireless world as it can cover up to 50 kilometres. Light Fidelity or “Li-Fi” is the new form of wireless technology because it uses light signals to communicate data. It’s faster than Wi-Fi by 250 Gaps and will enhance in the upcoming years. This is an efficient and secured network.

Meetings International has taken an initiative to felicitate attendees with awards to recognise, celebrate and encourage achievement in its various conferences and events. We salute and acknowledge attainment within an industry that is continuously evolving and re-drawing the boundaries of best practice. These awards represent the pinnacle of professional achievement for event professionals. To win an award you will have been endorsed by our illustrious panel of the foremost industry professionals which is a sure-fire signifier of your formidable credentials.

Outstanding Speaker in Wireless Telecommunication 2021: This award recognises academic and business speakers for their excellent presentation skills and for the significant contribution in wireless telecommunication, network & security that they make to their professions, their teams and their patients through their practice, leadership or research endeavour. Recipient of this award will be chosen by the session chair and co-chair. The awardees will be felicitated after the completion of oral session. Our Wireless Telecommunication Conferences encourage researchers from across the globe to take part as a speaker at these prestigious events.

Best KeyNote Speaker in Wireless Telecommunication 2022:
 This award recognises the notable presentations given during the course of the wireless telecommunication conference. It also recognizes the enthusiasm and determination of the speaker to improve the experience of all who they come into contact with. The award will be given based on the impact of presentation on the attendees of the event. We will also be taking into account the references taken from the citations of the keynote speaker. These awardees will be felicitated by one of the members of the organizing panel present during the conference.
Best Organising Committee Member in Wireless Telecommunication 2022: This award seeks to recognise the continuous support provided by the Organising Committee Member of the conference. Recipient of this award will be selected by the operating committee of the Wireless Telecommunication 2022. The award will be given based on the support and cooperation provided by a member of the organizing panel from the beginning to the successful completion of the conference.
Outstanding Masters/Ph.D./Postdoc Thesis work presentation in Wireless Telecommunication 2022: This award seeks to recognise the young brains of the current era. Recipient of this award will be selected by the judge of the Young Researchers Forum. This award will be given based on the presentation skills, impact of research and its applications for the networking filed. Participants pursuing Masters, PhD or Post-Doctoral studies are eligible for this award. The awardees will be felicitated after the completion of all the oral presentations delivered under the Young Researchers Forum category.
Best Poster Award in Wireless Telecommunication 2022:  This award recognises the best poster presentation given during the course of an event. Recipient of this award will be selected by the judge of the poster session. An award winning poster will be evaluated on presentation content and clarity, innovativeness of approach, communication criteria and scientific aspects. It will also be based on layout, wireless communication networking insights, and analysis and results description. The awardees will be felicitated after the completion of poster session.
The honours are given for our wireless communications conferences to perceive the wide scope of obligations and commitment of Wireless and Communication experts who advance the quickest improvements and inventive practices in the field of Wireless editing and Wireless & telecommunication research. Wireless Communication Events make an immense commitment to surpass the research practices and introduce new insights of security to the globe.
  • All presented abstracts will automatically be considered for the Award.
  • All the awards will be selected by the judges of the award category.
  • The winners will be formally announced during the closing ceremony.
  • The winners of the Poster Award will receive an award certificate.
  • The awards will be assessed as far as plan and format, intelligence, argumentation and  approach, familiarity with past work, engaging quality, message and primary concerns, parity of content visuals, and by and large impression.
  • All submissions must be in English.
  • The topic must fit into scientific sessions of the conference.
  • Each individual participant is allowed to submit maximum 2 papers.
  • Abstract must be submitted online as per the given abstract template.
  • Abstracts must be written in Times New Roman and font size will be 12.
  • Abstract must contain title, name, affiliation, country, speaker’s biography, recent photograph, image and reference.
  • Each poster should be approximately 1x1 M long. The title, contents, and the author’s information should be clearly visible from a distance of 1-2 feet.

Meetings International is announcing Young Scientist Awards through Wireless & Telecommunication  which is scheduled on May27-28, 2022 in Paris, France. This Wireless & Telecommunication focuses on “Connecting Critical Communications" Wireless & Telecommunication and upcoming online conferences will recognize participants who have significantly added value to the scientific community of wireless and telecommunication provide them outstanding Young Scientist Awards. The Young Scientist Award will provide a strong professional development opportunity for young researches by meeting experts to exchange and share their experiences at our International Conferences.

Wireless Telecommunication 2022 focuses mainly on 5g and beyond, telecommunication, wireless technology, Mobile and wireless network, optical communications, etc. providing a platform for all the budding young researchers, young investigators, post-graduate/Master students, Ph.D. students, and trainees to showcase their research and innovation.

Young Scientists, faculty members, post-doctoral fellows, PhD scholars and bright Final Year MSc and M.Phil. Candidates. Persons from Scientific Industry can also participate.

Benefits: The Young Scientist Feature is a platform to promote young researchers in their respective area by giving them a chance to present their achievements and future perspectives

  • Acknowledgement as YRF Awardee
  • Promotion on the conference website, Young Researcher Awards and certificates
  • Link on the conference website
  • Recognition on Meetings Int. Award Page
  • Chances to coordinate with partners around the world
  • Research work can be published in the relevant journal without any publication fee


  • All presented abstracts will automatically be considered for the Award.
  • All the presentation will be evaluated in the conference venue
  • All the awards will be selected by the judges of the award category
  • The winners of the Young Scientist Award will receive an award certificate.
  • The awards will be assessed as far as to plan and format, intelligence, argumentation and approach, familiarity with past work, engaging quality, message and primary concerns, parity of content visuals, and by and large impression.


  • All submissions must be in English.
  • The topic must fit into scientific sessions of the conference
  • Each individual participant is allowed to submit a maximum of 2 papers
  • An abstract must be submitted online as per the given abstract template
  • Abstracts must be written in Times New Roman and font size will be 12
  • Abstract must contain title, name, affiliation, country, speakers biography, recent photograph, image and reference

Conditions of Acceptance:
To receive the award, the awardees must submit the presentation for which the award is given, for publication at the website, along with author permission. Failure to submit the PPT and permission within the designated timeframe will result in the forfeiture of the award.
Award Announcements:
The official announcement of the recipients will occur after the completion of  Wireless Telecommunication Conference 2022.

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  • 5G and Beyond
  • Telecommunication
  • Wireless Technology
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  • Wireless Technology in e-health
  • Satellite Communication
  • Green Communication
  • Multi-hop Routing
  • Wi-Fi
  • Optical Communications

2 Renowned Speakers

Waqas Manan

University of Bradford
United Kingdom