Webinar on

The diagnostic of COVID-19 using biosensors

June 20, 2020

COVID-19 Webinar

Theme: COVID-19 related Biosensing technologies

Webinar on diagnostic of COVID-19 using biosensors will be hosted on June 20, 2020 in London, UK Time zone from 11 AM (GMT+1). Panel of speakers will be delivering their presentations on their recent research related to Rapid Detection of COVID-19 Causative Virus as the COVID-19 has become a pandemic affecting the complete world. At worldwide level all the nations are confronting a crisis in discarding quick diagnostics of the malady, ready to be sent to a broad number of people. In this setting there is a pressing requirement for biosensing advancements that would, in a quick, specific and effective way, face this worldwide. Meetingsint. Invites all experts to be part this webinar series and make it a perfect platform for knowledge sharing and networking.

  • A new biosensor for the COVID-19 virus
  • Point-of-care immunodiagnostic tests for COVID-19

5 Renowned Speakers

Carl Liepold

Cypress Semiconductor Corporation

Paulo Bueno

Nano Bionics Research Group

Aurel Ymeti

NanoBio Research Group & Nanoalmyona BV

Vinayak Pachkawade

University of Liege, Belgium

Ashish Mathur

Amity University