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Oral Health and Dental Care

June 25, 2021

Dental Care 2021

Theme: New Innovations in Dentistry

Meetings International takes the privilege to invite all the participants, speakers, students, delegates, from all over the world to attend Oral Health and Dental Care Webinar which is going to be held during July 28, 2021. Dental Care 2021 will be organized under the theme "New Innovations in Dentistry" which covers wide range of critically important sessions and the main goal of this webinar is to provide a transformative professional development experience through informative keynote lectures in the field of Dental Health. We would like you to share, extend and impart your valuable thoughts to the global scientific event.

Session 1: Dental Implants

Dental Implant (otherwise called an  implant or fixture) is a surgical part that interfaces with the bone of the jaw or skull to help a Dental Prosthesis, for example, a crown, bridge, Denture, Facial prosthesis or as an anchor. The reason for present day Dental implant is a Biologic Procedure called Osseointegration, in which materials, such as Titanium frame an intimate attachment to bone. The implant is first set as Osseointegrate then a  is included. A variable measure of healing time is required for osseointegration before either the Dental Prosthetic (a tooth, extension or denture) is appended to embed or an  is put which will hold a Dental Prosthetic.

Session 2: Dental Nursing

Dental Nurse is a common term used in dentistry. Dental nurse is an integral part of the dental team but unfortunately this segment is occupied by different sets of people from non-qualified individuals to professionals like registered nurse. The reason behind this discrepancy is lack of standardisation and non-availability of proper training and certification of dental nurses.

Session 3: Dental Nursing and Public Health Dentistry

Dental Nurses are dental care experts that give help and support to Clinical and Non-Clinical parts of patient care. A Dental Nurse can work in all branches of dentistry like general dental practice and healing facility and network administrations. Parts and obligations of dental nurse include: Performing contamination control and disinfecting Methodology, dealing with dental materials, keeping up dental hardware and instruments and giving regulatory help. Dental nurse ought to keep up moral conduct for the calling, for the patient and for the network. 

Session 4: Oral Medicine and Pharmacology

Oral Medicine is the specialty of dentistry concerned with the oral health care of patients with chronic, recurrent and medically related disorders of the oral and maxillofacial region, and with their diagnosis and non-surgical management. Dental pharmacology is the study of drugs, or pharmaceuticals, typically used in the dental field.

Session 5:  Oral Cancer Research

Important research into oral and oropharyngeal cancer is underway in many university hospitals, medical centers, and other institutions around the country. Each year, scientists find out more about what causes the disease, how to prevent it, and how to improve treatment.

Session 6: Maxillofacial Pathology, Microbiology and Surgery

Maxillofacial surgery is a specialty that combines surgical training with dental expertise to correct a wide spectrum of diseases, injuries, tumors, defects and deformities in the mouth, head, neck, face, jaws, and the hard and soft tissues of the oral and maxillofacial region.

Session 7: Periodontology and Implant Dentistry

Periodontics or Periodontology is the division of dentistry that deals with the management of the tissues surrounding and supporting the teeth, especially the gums. Gum cure is essential to prevent tooth loss. Common Periodontal processes include scaling and root development, periodontal surgery, dental implants, and cosmetic techniques such as crown lengthening, soft tissue grafts, and ridge augmentation.

Market Analysis: The saturation of the marketplace in most segments increased competitiveness and has had a negative impact on the average selling prices. The presence of smaller competitors with more modest overhead costs, and the increasing growth of Asian imports, has put downward pressure on prices. Since many of the companies operating in the market participated in multiple market segments, several dental equipment manufacturers and distributors packaged their devices in order to provide more enticing product offerings to end users. Companies operating in both the dental imaging and treatment center markets, for example, offered packaged deals by combining multiple devices and selling them at discounted prices, in order to drive sales. Dental Services

Market Size: The global dental services market reached a value of nearly $436.2 billion in 2018, having grown at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 7.4% since 2014, and is expected to grow at a CAGR of 9.6% to nearly $629.3 billion by 2022. Growth in the historic period resulted from favorable government initiatives, aging populations, and emerging markets growth. Factors that negatively affected growth in the historic period were unqualified man power, limited coverage for dental services, and weak wage growth in developed countries. Going forward, rising demand for cosmetic dentistry, growing dental tourism, increasing popularity of franchise dentistry, and technological advances will drive growth. Factors that could hinder the growth of the dental services market in the future include increasing costs of dental procedures, rising interest rates, and stringent government regulations.

  • Dental Implants
  • Dental Nursing
  • Dental Nursing and Public Health Dentistry
  • Oral Medicine and Pharmacology
  • Oral Cancer Research
  • Maxillofacial Pathology, Microbiology & Surgery
  • Periodontology and Implant Dentistry

2 Renowned Speakers

Ridhayani Hatta

University of Sheffield
United Kingdom

Majed Al-Dakhee

King Saud University
Saudi Arabia

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