Webinar on

Diet & Nutrition

September 23, 2021


Theme: Nurturing the Nutrition Network

The Webinar on Diet and Nutrition will be held during September 23, 2021.Theme of “Nurturing the Nutrition Network”. Diet & Nutrition Meeting is comprised to offer comprehensive sessions that address current issues in the field of Diet and Nutrition, i.e. Adolescent and Childhood Obesity, Diet and Weight Loss, Genetically Modified Foods, Nutritional Supplements, Malnutrition, Cancer and Diet, Nutrition & Disease Management, Household Food and Nutrition Security, Nutrient Profiling, Low Birth Weight, Nutrition-Health and Wellness Etc. Main target of this global Diet and Nutrition meeting is to bring together leading Academicians, Nutritionists, Dieticians, Researchers, Health-Care Professionals, Sports Nutritionists, Neo-Nutritionists, Scientists, Students, Statisticians and Demographics to discuss the Novel, Radical Ideas and to arrive at a promising conclusion for the betterment of the upcoming generations.

Session 1: Human Nutrition

Human nutrition can be characterized as the course of action of key food supplements vital to reinforce human life and health. Poor nutrition is an interminable issue every now and again associated with poverty, poor nutrition comprehension and hereditary factors, and lacking sanitation and security of food. Lack of healthy food and its outcomes are reasons for death and disability in the world. Propelling good diet empowers children to grow, progresses human development and eradicates poverty.

Session 2: Obesity and underweight

The global obesity treatment advertise is required to achieve USD 15.6 billion by 2024, as indicated by another report by Grand View Research, Inc. Upward pattern in stationary ways of life, physical inertia, and undesirable food propensities are the imperative variables in charge of the high predominance of stoutness. As indicated by the Institute of Health Metrics and Evaluation, around 30.0% of the worldwide populace is either fat or overweight.

Session 3: Maternal Nutrition

The expression "Maternal Nutrition" centers consideration around mothers, on their dietary status as it identifies with the bearing and nurturing of children. In any case, the poor nutritional status of numerous women on the planet today bargains their ability to meet the enthusiastic requests of their different parts as moms and beneficial laborers. Absence of adequate nutrition, healthy food or the insufficiency of a particular supplement, for example, iron, is obviously ensnared in contemporary maternal lack of healthy food. Frequently, in any case, a substantial work-stack, made yet more troublesome by constrained access to essential assets (e.g., water and fuel), drives a women with barely sufficient nutrition intake into a condition of maternal malnutrition.

Session 4: Sports Nutrition and Fitness

Nutrition and fitness are closely interrelated components to body composition, muscular capability and respiratory and cardiovascular capacity. Carbohydrates, fats and protein are the dietary sources that give the fuel for energy change within the muscle. Fitness is the state or conditions of being healthy, or great wellbeing and condition as a result of work out and balance nourishment. Physical work out and balance diet gives better performance; that includes Cardiovascular health, Respiratory function, Hormones, Immune response, Muscles and bones, Metabolism.

Session 5: Nutritional Immunology & Food Allergies

Nutritional Immunology is the study of diet and nutritional factors that influences immune responses regulating health and disease outcomes. Essential developing of Nutritional Immunology is due to detrimental effect of malnutrition on the immune system. The main ideology is to identify novel plant-derived compounds with anti-inflammatory and anti-diabetic actions. The novel molecular target characterizes the actions of dietary compounds and botanicals in inflammation and immunity. Food allergy is an unpleasant or dangerous immune system reaction caused after certain food is taken.


  • Human Nutrition
  • Obesity and Underweight
  • Maternal Nutrition
  • Sports Nutrition and Fitness
  • Nutritional Immunology & Food Allergies