Webinar on


April 21, 2022


Theme: Surgical Approaches in ENT

Webinar on Otolaryngology is a one-day event being curated by Meetings International on April 21, 2022, with an audience from around the globe. The webinar focuses on the theme “Surgical Approaches in ENT”. This platform has been planned to offer a unique opportunity for all Students, ENT Doctors and Specialists, world-class Scientists and Researchers, and Business Professionals to converse the new surgical topics in Otolaryngology and perceive new scientific innovations. We believe your presence would be a source of inspiration for upcoming budding Scientists, Students, Academicians, and Business Delegates for taking the technological aspects related to ENT to the next level.

Session 1: Ear Procedures
This session includes: Ear tubes (tympanostomy), Myringoplasty, Tympanoplasty, Tympanoplasty with Ossicular Reconstruction, Tympanomastoidectomy, Tympanomastoidectomy with Ossicular Reconstruction, Stapedectomy
Session 2: Larynx Procedures
This session includes: Laryngoscopy with biopsy, Microlaryngoscopy with biopsy Esophagoscopy, Laryngoplasty
Session 3: Nasal / Sinus Procedures
This session includes: Septoplasty, Septoplasty with turbinate reduction, Nasal valve reconstruction, Functional Endoscopic Sinus Surgery, Functional Endoscopic Sinus Surgery (Complex), Nasal fracture reduction (closed), Nasal fracture reduction (open), Rhinoplasty
Session 4: Neck Procedures
This session includes: Biopsy neck mass (superficial), Biopsy neck mass (deep), Parotidectomy, Submandibular gland removal
Session 5: Pediatric Procedures
This session includes: Ear tubes (tympanostomy, BMT), Tonsillectomy, Tonsillectomy with adenoidectomy (T&A), Adenoidectomy, Ear tubes with adenoidectomy, Ear tubes with T&A
Session 6: Throat procedures
This session includes: Tonsillectomy
Session 7: Thyroid / Parathyroid
This session includes: Parathyroidectomy, Thyroidectomy (partial), Thyroidectomy (total), Thyroidectomy with lymph node excision

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  • Ear Procedures
  • Larynx Procedures
  • Nasal / Sinus Procedures
  • Neck Procedures
  • Pediatric Procedures
  • Throat procedures
  • Thyroid / Parathyroid