Webinar on


May 15, 2021


Theme: Explore the new tendencies in Otolaryngology.

Webinar on Otolaryngology will be hosted on May 15, 2021 at 09:00 AM (SGT). Renowned doctors and lecturers will be delivering their presentations on the new tendencies in Otolaryngology. Meetings International would lay a platform for the interaction between experts around the world and aims in accelerating scientific discovery. We believe your presence would be a source of inspiration for upcoming budding scientists, students, academicians and business delegates for taking the technological aspects related to this topic to the next level.


New trends in ENT

The aim of this session is to presents some new trends in ENT such as:-

  • Technological advances
  • Increasing adoption accustomed by cosmetic advancements
  • Increasing efforts from government bodies

New treatment approaches for ENT disorder

New Treatment approaches of Otolaryngology traverses of ENT topics, including the recent advancements in Ear, nose and throat, facial plastic surgery, head and neck surgery and general care pediatric otolaryngology. 


Phono-Surgery is a surgical procedures that maintain, restore, or enhance the human voice. Phonosurgery includes phonomicrosurgery (microsurgery of the vocal folds done through an endoscope), laryngoplastic phonosurgery (open-neck surgery that restructures the cartilaginous framework of the larynx and the soft tissues), laryngeal injection (injection into the larynx of medications as well as synthetic and organic biologic substances), and reinnervation (restoration of the nerve supply) of the larynx. In this session we will talk about all these surgical procedures.

Facial Cosmetic Surgery

Facial Cosmetic surgery is a broad field of otolaryngology surgery that contains reconstructive and cosmetic methods, and other assistant materials to develop outcomes. The scope of facial plastic surgery involves rhinoplasty, browlifts, blepharoplasty, facelifts, microvascular reconstruction of the head and neck, craniomaxillofacial trauma reconstruction and correction of defects in the face after skin cancer resection. Cosmetic surgery can be achieved on all areas of the head, neck and body.

Cochlear Implant

A cochlear implant is a surgically implanted neuroprosthetic device to provide a person with moderate to profound sensorineural hearing loss a modified sense of sound. Cochlear Implant bypasses the normal acoustic hearing process to replace it with electric signals which directly stimulate the auditory nerve.

Endoscopic Surgery

Nasal endoscopy is a procedure to look at the nasal and sinus passages. It's done with an endoscope. This is a thin, flexible tube with a tiny camera and a light. An otolaryngologist will often do this procedure in his or her office.

Apnea and snoring

Obstructive sleep apnea is a potentially serious sleep disorder. It causes breathing to repeatedly stop and start during sleep. Snoring is often associated with a sleep disorder called obstructive sleep apnea (OSA). Not all snorers have OSA. In this session we will discuss about these.





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  • New trends in ENT
  • New treatment approaches for ENT disorder
  • Phono-Surgery
  • Facial Cosmetic Surgery
  • Cochlear Implant
  • Endoscopic Surgery
  • Apnea and snoring