Be a part of 19th International conference on Materials Research & Technology

Theme: Innovative Approach and Recent Developments in Materials Research & Technology

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July 22-23, 2021 at 09:00 AM JST 
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Osaka, Japan

About Materials Research & Technology

International Conference on Materials Research & Technology" will take place in May 21-22, 2021. Osaka, Japan   Materials Technology 2021 provides the basic ideas for innovating new sustainability materials and technologies. The theme of Innovative approach and recent developments in Materials Research & Technology. Material research area covers a wide range of growing markets, such as engineering resins, plastic alloys and blends, advanced batteries and fuel cells, and soon. The technological curriculum of Materials research 2021 is unprecedented, discussing structure, properties, storage and quality across the population of materials. Materials Technology 2021 brings together researchers, engineers, students, suppliers and business leaders to discuss current research and technical developments and shape the future of science and technology in materials.
• Researchers
• Scientists
• Directors of Research Laboratories
• Aerospace Engineers
• Mechanical Engineers
• Professors
• Design Engineers
• Students
• Managers & Business Intelligence Experts
• Research students and Research Institutes
• Advertising and Promotion Agency Executives


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  • Sustainable Energy and Development
  • Materials & Mechanism of material
  • Engineering Materials & Composite Materials
  • Advanced Bio-Materials & Bio-Devices
  • Nano Technology
  • Analytical Techniques and Instrumentation
  • Piezoelectric Materials and 3-D Printing
  • Ceramics & Composite material
  • Materials Science and Metallurgy
  • Optical, Magnetic and Electronic Materials
  • Cluster Science & Nano-Toxicology
  • Material Synthesis and Characterization
  • Magnetic & Multicellular Materials
  • Carbon Nano structures & Graphene
  • Polymers Science & Engineering

A great opportunity to network with your peers from academia and industry:

  • All the Stake Holders (both Academia & Industry) of the Sector
  • Researchers & Innovators
  • Experts Looking for Collaborative Work
  • Product Developers
  • Solution Providers
  • Sales & Marketing Professionals
  • Associations, Societies, & Professional Bodies
  • Funding Agencies & Fund Raisers
  • Management Bodies
  • Decision Makers

Be the first to showcase your research, innovation and brand to gain competitive advantages. Meet your target audience and explore your product and services.

  • To Meet Experts
  • Learning In a New Space
  • New Tips & Tactics
  • Certification
  • Global Networking
  • Rebuild New Customer Base
  • Brand Establishment

Yoichiro Koga

3D printing corporation as CTO, Japan

Evgenii Krasikov

Kurchatov Institute, Russia

Noriyuki Kodama

Tokyo Institute of Technology, Japan

Wilfried Wunderlich

Tokai University, Japan

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Global Networking

Learning In a New Space

New Tips & Tactics


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To get to the venue place, you can take one of the city bus lines, tube or railway service. All the services are comfortable to reach into the place.

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