Global Diet and Nutrition Meeting

Singapore City, Singapore   May 14-15, 2018

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Though the city is small, Singapore is an economic giant. For more than a century it has been South-East Asia's most advanced city. The city is a mixture of Malay, Chinese, Arab, Indian and English societies and religions. Its special ethnic environment invites visitors to explore a wide range of sightseeing and culinary opportunities. The traditional festivals celebrated throughout the year adds to its cultural attraction. What's more, Singapore offers lavish inns, heavenly food and extraordinary shopping! The Republic of Singapore contains the island of Singapore and 58 or so littler islands. As a result of its effective and resolved government, Singapore has turned into a thriving nation that exceeds expectations in trade and tourism and is a model to developing countries. The capital city, likewise called Singapore, covers about 33% of the main island.

Situated at the tip of the Malay Peninsula, Singapore's tropical atmosphere invites both recreation and business travelers throughout the year. The island's amazing framework empowers guests to make the most of its many locales and attractions in a clean, safe and environment friendly conditions. Award winning Changi Airport gives air-links to major cities around the globe. The subway  and train frameworks are quick,clean and effective. Moreover, its best in class cruise terminal has set up Singapore as one of the best cruising centers.

In the city, there is no requirement for a car. Public transportation is phenomenal and strolling is a decent approach to investigate the city . All major tourist attractions are easily accessible by the tour bus. Since the city is just 60 miles from the equator, the tropical temperatures doesn't shift by much. Regardless of when you visit, warm climate will always be available. The guest is struck instantly by Singapore's wealth of parks, nature reserves and lavish, tropical greenery.

Singapore's advance in the course of recent decades has been noteworthy, yet the island has not been overpowered by improvement. Guests will find an abundance of historical treasures of the past, in the magnificence of more historical structures, tradition and values that have made due despite significant social and land change.

1. Marina Bay


2. Sentosa Island


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