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Published 10 times a year, PharmaVOICE is expressly written and designed to deliver the views, opinions, and insights of executives who are shaping the direction of the dynamic life-sciences industry. PharmaVOICE reaches more than 41,000 qualified readers every month. PharmaVOICE’s unique horizontal editorial approach cuts across industry silos, providing a holistic overview of the life-sciences industry, addressing a range of topics from molecule through market. By engaging compelling personalities from diverse industry sectors, PharmaVOICE provides multiple perspectives on business challenges, trends, and topics. Editorial content sparks dialog, initiates debate, and opens the lines of communication to facilitate and improve business-to-business relationships.

Bio-equip was built in July, 1998, Aiming at "serving for both the biological research & industrial and high-quality manufacturers ", we provide relevant information on equipments, chemical reagents, consumptive material, experimental animals, cell line, software, books, Biotechnology services, second-hand equipments, instrument maintenance and so on for customers on such fields as life science research, medical reaserch, pharmaceuticals, bioengineering, modern agriculture, food security, environmental monitoring and so on. Visitors are mostly from organizations and enterprises including universities, institutes, hospitals, medical reaserch, disease-controlling centre, quarantine inspection, environmental monitoring, food inspection, instruments sales agencies and so on.

SciRes Literature LLC. is an emerging open access scientific publisher publishing mainly the most current and genuine research topics related to Medical sciences, Clinical sciences, Health sciences and other Biology related communities. We aim to spread scientific ideas, suggestions and research information to a large number of students, researchers, scientists, academicians and professionals through our transparent open access platform policy. SciRes Literature LLC. empowers with publishing continuous scientific information on categorized topics to reach international standards and helps in improvement of discovering the society around you.

Enliven: Toxicology & Allied Clinical Pharmacology is an Open access, peer reviewed international journal and it aims to publish different types of articles on emerging developments and supports current and upcoming research in the field of Toxicology. This journal also allows articles on Clinical Pharmacology.

‎Doctors Quarters is Nigeria’s leading professionally-driven medical/health blog. A blog for the future. With medically sound contributors, this blog stands out remarkably, from other contemporary health blog. It offers resources affecting our day to day life, by seasoned professionals and first class contributors and authors. It is truly a reliable site for patients, families, friends and relatives. Health professionals find the blog self-enriching and a reliable portal for sharing and building on their knowledge. bridges that yawning gap that characterize the health delivery system in Nigeria. It offers indispensible, invaluable counseling services to teaming youth seeking admission into medical school and other health institutions. We hope to create some form of routinely updated directory for approved pharmacies located in the country. This is to reduce the burden of locating where rarely used drugs are sold.

From Middle East Tabeeby has emerged connecting people to healthcare providers. Since then we succeeded in raising the medical and health awareness among the population, taking the charge and we are in the pole position. Recently, Tabeeby has been developed into a modern format following a comprehensive upgrade to become the first unique and true Health Social that ensures easy, swift and fast access to thousands of doctors, medical entities & Medical events. Tabeeby has been featured as a media partner and created a recognition in hundreds of Health and medical events across the world, promoting their activities across our platforms to thousands of healthcare providers and millions of visitors. Acknowledging that the foremost valuable treasure in life is good health, Tabeeby uses state-of-the-art technology and up-to-date social media innovations to highlight the concept of prime health in our daily life.

A Registered brand of Anarghyaa ETech Solutions Pvt Ltd, company incorporated under Companies Act 1956 & 2013. We are ISO 9001:2008 certified company, and NABH Accredited Medical Tourism Facilitator headquartered in Bangalore. We also sell and market all kinds of medical and healthcare products through our ecommerce portal. Pink Medico is a revolutionary medical and healthcare service aggregator that supports complete healthcare and allied services. We offer Comprehensive product / service page of all categories of medical and healthcare that allows to connect with decision-makers in one simple click, both on-site and from magazine, 365 days a year.Pink Medico – Medical and Healthcare Print & Digital Magazine: Our readership includes key decision makers across healthcare segments from large to small, public facilities to private hospitals. The readership profile includes owners, CEOs, medical directors, head of departments, purchase managers, owners of speciality centres, bio-medical

"Voices of Leaders is a global B2B networking platform for top executives enabling connectivity at a high level and the creation of partnerships among members. The platform offers matchmaking B2B services, real time information, data driven recommendations and and geolocation services".