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April 19-20, 2021
at 01:00 AM SGT
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Berlin, Germany

At a certain period of time, the number of people living in poverty decreased by nearly half, from 48 to 26 percent. As the food prices are back on the rise and have caused this trend to regress. Poverty occurs due to lack of resources or lack of wanted needs for the people. At present as there are sufficient resources available, there should be an efficient way to use them to recover the poverty. Poverty doesn’t only occur due to finance problems it includes lack of food, education, health issues, inequality, child labor, and lack of living.

Now-a-days the stage of hunger has been improving through different practices like production increase, by facilitating income generating activities, learning about climatic factors etc. The ZHC was launched by UN.  The Zero Hunger vision shows five elements from and within the SDGs, which are taken together, can end hunger, eliminate all forms of malnutrition, and build inclusive and sustainable food systems. The five elements are All Food Systems are Sustainable, An End to Rural Poverty, and Adapt All Food Systems to Eliminate Loss or Waste of Food, Adapt All Food Systems to Eliminate Waste or loss of Food, An End to Malnutrition.


WHO is been organizing the SDG 3, It calls for innovation, and research in these areas to further enhance public policy efforts. An integrated approach is going on for health care and for research of medicine and treatment. The complexity of life gave birth to complex diseases, and researchers are trying hard to get rid off all the imminent diseases.


Since 2000, there has been enormous progress in attaining the target of universal primary education. Mostly the backward countries are still under the problem facing no education due to poor conditions of their life styles. Disparities between rural and urban areas remain high. As education is the future step of developing nation, each and every one should be educated equally to reach the nation pride.


It aims for women empowerment and depletion of child labor which helps economic growth and development of the nation. Gender equalities are necessary for a peaceful, prosperous and sustainable world. Women also have the equal rights compared to men. Women discrimination or violence should be totally diminished. Women are no less than a men in the society. There should an awareness among the people for not to harm the children or women.


Clean Water: people should get pure water for drinking is the goal. Water plays a essential role in a human life. Many diseases get contaminated through water and will be infected to the people, should take care of the surroundings, so that they won’t get infected because of contaminated water. Many diseases get contaminated through water and will be infected to the people.

Sanitation: the first thing comes under this topic is open defecation which is very unhygienic and unhealthier should be stopped immediately. The waste or the garbage of the house or the surroundings should be cleaned.

Power cables from the grid have reached a transformer in each village. The energies which we are using now have to be mounded into safest energy usage by using renewable energies. Using the renewable energy is safe and sustainable and the example can be like wind energy, solar energy etc. We shouldn’t pollute or disturb the surroundings.


There should be enormous progress of higher economic productivity through technological upgrading and innovation, diversification including through a focus on high-value added and labor-intensive sectors. Like there should be more job opportunities and entrepreneurship, creative and innovative technologies.


Increase the access of small scale industries and other enterprises, promote sustainable industrialization and to be creative and sustained. As the population is increasing day to day the needs will also increase (consumption), so according to that through an efficient manner production is to be done.


Reduce: this goes as we should reduce the usage of resources and start to use in a prominent manner. Plastic causing dangerous effect on the environment i.e. below the water and above the water level.

Reuse: A product should be reused in any manner and should be degraded very easily. For example any product should have at least two uses of it as a paper cup is used for drinking and can also be used for planting a tree.

Recycle: whatever the product may be, it should be eco-friendly.

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