Annual Meeting on

Green Chemistry and Green Energy

Tokyo, Japan   May 07-08, 2018

GreenChem 2018

Tokyo, Japan May 07-08, 2018

1. Greener nanomaterials

Greener nanomaterials and items without hurting nature or human wellbeing, and creating Nano-items that give answers for ecological issues, at low temperatures utilizing less vitality and renewable information sources wherever conceivable, and utilizing lifecycle thinking in all plan and building stages. Green nanotechnology likewise implies utilizing nanotechnology to make current assembling forms for non-Nano materials and items all the more earth neighbourly. Nano scale impetuses can make compound responses more effective and less inefficient.

2. Mineral resources and recycling

Reused supply of metals and mineral sources are more feasible than mined supply. Reusing does not require the decimation of indigenous habitats, however great excavators figure out how to re-establish common habitats in the wake of mining. Re-softening and throwing a current metal is essentially a great deal simpler than extracting the metal from a metal, with the lower vitality request and interest for other information materials handling with reused data sources is less expensive than preparing with mined data sources.

3. Resources for organic molecules

Natural particles fundamentally centred around the planning of items and procedures that limit the utilization and era of risky substances Green science covers with all subdisciplines of science yet with a specific concentrate on compound combination, prepare science, and synthetic building, in modern applications and Energy change.

4. New Trends in Green Chemistry

These new patterns limit the negative effect of chemicals on the earth and aides in accomplishing maintainability in the concoction generation. The yearning of scientific experts to make items that are successful and sparing extended the extent of Green Chemistry. Drifts in Green science to save the earth .This give an abundant chance to show their imagination in the act of green science. The act of green science prompts to natural advantages, as well as for the financial and social advantages

5. Green Materials and Marketing

Green advertising is the promoting of items that are dared to be ecologically protected. Green, natural and eco-advertising are a piece of the new showcasing approaches which don't simply refocus, conform or improve existing promoting speculation and practice, yet look to challenge those methodologies and give a significantly alternate point of view in Green Synthesis and Designing

6. Bio based chemicals and polymers

Bio based chemicals are building pieces produced using sugars, fats and oils, lignin and proteins. To supplant fossil-based chemicals, as well as to make shiny new bio based chemicals.

7. Alternative Solvents:

Elective Solvents innovation stage advances the utilization of new option solvents - supercritical/fluid CO2, bio-based solvents and solvents from sustenance squander - as supportable and monetarily appealing other options to traditional natural solvents. The stage concentrates on the utilization of both supercritical and fluid CO2 and bio-based solvents in an extensive variety of uses a portion of the applications effectively created utilizing supercritical or fluid CO2 and bio-based solvents.

8. Managing endangered elements:

The earth is limited as are the synthetic components of which it is created. To keep up supply lines to the supper table and to industry, we should totally reframe our comprehension of mining, utilization, human situations, and waste, perceiving that the open natural assets of our future are generally put away over-the-ground in the commonplace objects of our everyday lives. The circumstance is critical to the point that in a late report of the Royal Society of Chemistry, shading coded intermittent table showed how much the fundamental building pieces of human utilization are currently "imperilled components"

9. Photovoltaic Material:

A photovoltaic material covers the transformation of light into power utilizing semiconducting materials that show the photovoltaic impact. A normal photovoltaic framework utilizes sun powered boards, each including various sun based cells, which produce electrical power. Photoelectric impact took after by an electrochemical procedure where solidified molecules, ionized in an arrangement, create an electric current.      

10. Waste Management Strategies

Squander administration or Waste transfer is every one of the exercises and activities required to oversee squander from its beginning to its last transfer. This incorporates in addition to other things, gathering, transport, treatment and transfer of waste together with checking and direction, the preparing of crude materials into moderate and last items, the utilization of definite impacts of waste on wellbeing, the earth or feel.

11. Non-thermal Activation Methods

The green science utilizes the crude materials from biomass and renewable vitality delivering insignificant squanders. These high included esteem atoms with a short life expectancy, high net revenue and made particularly for the shoppers require the improvement of new engineered approaches. Non-warm Activation Methods is identified with all works identified with microwaves, plasma, ultrasound, electrochemistry, photochemistry, mechanochemistry. The systems created in compound and pharmaceutical enterprises worries about the concoction item outline and assembling.

12. Catalytic Systems:

The framework depends on gas terminated synergist radiators. These give brilliant warmth which is gathered by the gas pipeline inside the unit. This framework can be introduced as an immediate supplanting of a current WBH with the additional advantage. Hot Cats are comprised of a few zones each containing 2 reactant warmers. Every zone can be controlled freely. Once accomplished, the electrical supply is disengaged and gas combusts to give the greater part of the required warmth.

13. Industrial Applications of Green Chemistry

In green science polymers are an essential class of intensifies that have expansive applications and a wide cluster of mixes can be abused. They have their risky impacts. With a specific end goal to utilize beginning materials all the more earth we should utilize polysaccharides as the feedstock. These are organic feedstock, and all things considered have the upside of being renewable, rather than that feedstock which is the result of petroleum. Then again these have no ceaseless poisonous quality to human wellbeing and environment.

14. Analytical methodologies

A diagnostic strategy or scientific procedure is a technique to decide the centralization of a concoction compound or component in a specimen. There is a wide assortment of techniques utilized for investigation which bear the cost of various degrees of test arrangement and instrumentation.


Meetings International  proudly announces the Global Experts Meeting on Green Chemistry and Green Energy scheduled during august 24-26 at Beijing, China. With a theme of "Exploring innovative research in Green chemistry".

Meetings International  provides a Global Platform for chemical, Biotech, Medical and Professionals to Exchange Ideas, Knowledge and Networking at its 100+ International Conferences.

The popularity of Greener nanomaterials, Mineral resources and recycling has increased significantly in recent years. The global market for renewable chemicals is expected to grow from $51.7 billion in 2015 to $85.6 billion by 2020, with a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 10.6% for the period of 2015-2020. Renewable alcohols dominated the market with about 40.7% of total sales in 2014, but will likely decrease to 39.1% market share by 2020.

 Green Chemistry Meeting will bring together key decision makers and innovators within this rapidly growing field. This intensive 3-Day program will examine various formulation and green energy . The event will cover Greener nanomaterials, Mineral resources and recycling, Resources for organic molecules, New Trends in Green Chemistry, Green Materials and Marketing, Bio based chemicals and polymers, Alternative Solvents, Managing endangered elements, Photovoltaic Materials, Waste Management Strategies.

Join the industry’s leading chemistry development executives from numerous leading organizations to discuss and hear unique take-home examples, Alternative Solvents, Managing endangered elements to assist in reducing time-to-market.

Attend to gain an unmatched experience in the green chemistry field.

Meetings International  green chemistry meeting  will offer you an unmatched attendee experience. In addition to the many scientific sessions and take-home case study examples, you will leave this event with many other energy development strategies from some of our workshops and symposiums. We hope you will join us in Beijing, China this August to enhance your green chemistry and green energy capabilities.


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  • Greener nanomaterials
  • Mineral resources and recycling
  • Resources for organic molecules
  • New Trends in Green Chemistry
  • Green Materials and Marketing
  • Bio based chemicals and polymers
  • Alternative Solvents
  • Managing endangered elements
  • Photovoltaic Materials
  • Waste Management Strategies
  • Non-thermal Activation Methods
  • Catalytic Systems
  • Industrial Applications of Green Chemistry
  • Analytical methodologies