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Upcoming Biotechnology Webinars & Conferences

International Biotechnology Conference

Biotechnology is the technologies applied to biology, molecular biology, genetics, and many other subfields of biology. It utilizes cellular and biomolecular processes to create a varied range of products that help improve our lives and the nature. More than 250 biotechnology healthcare products and vaccines have been made available to patients, many for previously untreatable diseases. More than 13.3 million farmers around the world use agricultural biotechnology to increase yields, prevent damage from insects and pests and reduce damage done on environment due to farming. Biotechnology fuels the world by streamlining the steps in chemical manufacturing processes by 80% or more, lowering the temperature for cleaning clothes and potentially saving $4.1 billion annually, improving manufacturing process efficiency to save 50% or more on operating costs, reducing use of and reliance on petrochemicals, using biofuels to cut greenhouse gas emissions by 52% or more, decreasing water usage and waste generation, and tapping into the full potential of traditional biomass waste products.

Global Biotechnology Market is expected to surpass USD 775 billion by 2024. Bioservices segment will show 11.4% CAGR over forthcoming years and segmental growth will be accredited to rising clinical research initiatives by several pharmaceutical and biotechnology firms. Growing incidence of chronic diseases will boost biotechnology market growth over the forecast timeline. According to the World Economic Forum 2017 data, with every chronic condition, annual healthcare costs increase. Additionally, with each chronic condition, average medical payments that are more than double, suggest that chronic conditions might interrelate to increase in healthcare costs. Ongoing developments and progress in various segments of biotechnology to overcome the burden of these chronic conditions should further foster biotechnology industry growth. Innovation in biotechnology sector is expected to upsurge revenue size during the forecast period. Innovations such as growing human organs, laboratory grown plants and meat coupled with rising demand for novel biotechnological products will favor business growth. Moreover, increasing demand for agriculture-based products should enhance biotechnology industry growth over the coming years. However, there are some negative effects and risks such as risk related to genetic data that can hamper biotechnology market growth over the forthcoming years. Meetings International has scheduled to organize the world class   Biotechnology conferences across the globe in the following locations: Rome, ItalyLas Vegas, USAToronto, Canada; Seoul, South Korea; Tokyo, Japan and Singapore City, Singapore

Meetings International is a global leader in producing high quality conferences, meetings, workshops and symposia in all major fields of science, technology and medicine. Since its inception, Meetings International has been associated with national and international associations, corporations and high level individuals, dedicated to host world class conferences and events. We, at Meetings International, focus on building long-term partnerships with our speakers, delegates and sponsors to ensure that our programs are not only relevant but connect to the real world limitations, challenges and opportunities faced by our customers.

Upcoming Biotechnology Conferences

Global Biotechnology Universities:


  • Harvard University, USA
  • University of Washington, USA
  • Rockefeller University, USA
  • University of California, USA
  • Duke University, USA
  • Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA
  • University of Wisconsin–Madison, USA
  • Johns Hopkins University, USA
  • Washington University, USA
  • Stanford University, USA
  • University of California, USA
  • University of Pennsylvania, USA
  • Cornell University, USA
  • University of California, USA
  • University of Pennsylvania, USA
  • Michigan State University, USA
  • Johns Hopkins University, USA
  • Purdue University, USA


  • The University of Manchester, UK
  • University of Westminster, UK
  • University of the West of England, UK
  • The University of Manchester, UK
  • University of East London, UK
  • Queen’s University Belfast, UK
  • University of Glasgow, UK
  • Newcastle University, UK
  • The UK's European university, Greece
  • Max Planck Institute for Marine Microbiology, Germany
  • National institute of biology, Italy
  • Semmelweis University, Italy
  • University of Milan, Italy
  • University di Siena, Italy
  • University of Sheffield, UK
  • University of Manchester, UK
  • Aarhus University, Denmark
  • University of Lincoln, UK
  • University of Padova, Italy
  • Humboldt University of Berlin, Germany


  • Zhejiang University, China
  • Shandong University, China
  • University of Science and Technology, China
  • Harbin Institute of Technology, China
  • Jilin University, China
  • Huazhong University of Science and Technology,
  • University of Queensland, Australia
  • La Trobe University, Australia
  • University of New South Wales, Australia
  • RMIT University, Australia
  • Monash University, Australia
  • University of Tasmania, Australia
  • University of New England, Australia
  • Flinders University, Australia
  • University of Melbourne, Australia
  • Nanyang Technological University (NTU), Singapore
  • National University of Singapore (NUS), Singapore
  • The Hong Kong University of Science and
    (HKUST), Hong Kong
  • KAIST - Korea Advanced Institute of Science and
       Technology, South Korea

Middle East:

  • Egypt-Japan University of Science and Technology,
  • Uaeu United Arab Emirates University, UAE
  • Ben-Gurion University of The Negev, Israel
  • United Arab Emirates University, UAE
  • University of Sharjah, UAE
  • University of Modern Sciences, UAE
  • University of Dubai, UAE
  • Zayed University, UAE
  • American University of Ras Al Khaimah, UAE
  • University of Modern Sciences, UAE
  • Khalifa University, UAE
  • Ajman University, UAE
  • Cairo University, Egypt
  • German University in Cairo, Egypt
  • Amirkabir University of Technology, Iran

Global Biotechnology Associations:


  • Society for Industrial Microbiology and
        Biotechnology, USA
  • International Union of Microbiological Societies,
  • American Society for Biochemistry and Molecular
        Biology, USA
  • Society Of Pharmaceutical And Biotech Trainers,
  • American Association for Clinical Chemistry, USA
  • Biochemical Society, USA
  • The American Society for Cell Biology, USA
  • The Marine Biological Association, USA
  • Canadian Association for Clinical Microbiology and
       Infectious Diseases, Canada
  • Mexican Society for Biotechnology and
       Bioengineering, USA
  • Biotechnology Industry Organization (BIO),
       Washington D.C, USA
  • South Dakota Biotech Association, USA
  • Biotechnology Innovation Organization, USA
  • Biomedical Engineering Society, USA
  • Massachusetts Biotechnology Council, USA
  • Iowa Biotechnology Association, USA
  • Delaware BioScience Association, USA
  • Society for Industrial Microbiology and
       Biotechnology, USA
  • National Center for Biotechnology Information,

Europe :

  • Biotechnologie-Industrie-Organisation Deutschland
       e.V, Germany
  • France Biotech, France
  • HBA Hungarian Biotechnology Association, Hungary
  • ASSOBIOTEC Italian Association for the
       Development of Biotechnology, Italy
  • Finnish Bioindustries, Finland
  • European Molecular Biology Organization (EMBO),
  • German Society for Hygiene and Microbiology
       (DGHM), Germany
  • German Association for the Control of Viral
       Diseases , Germany
  • European Society for Clinical Virology (ESCV), Italy
  • Italian Association for Clinical Microbiology, Italy
  • Italian Society for Microbiology, Italy
  • Italian Society of Virology, Italy
  • European Mycological Association, Ukraine
  • Welsh Microbiological Association (WMA), UK
  • Society for General Microbiology (SGM), UK
  • Society for Applied Microbiology, UK
  • European Society of Clinical Microbiology and
       Infectious Diseases (ESCMID), Switzerland
  • Swiss Society for Microbiology (SSM), Switzerland
  • EuropaBio, Belgium
  • European Federation of Biotechnology, Switzerland

Asia & Middle East :

  • Singapore Society for Microbiology and
       Biotechnology (SSMB), Singapore
  • Database Center for Life Science, Japan
  • Earth-Life Science Institute, Japan
  • National Agriculture and Food Research
       Organization, Japan
  • Japan Bioindustry Association, Japan
  • China Medicinal Biotech Association (CMBA), China
  • Shenzhen Life Science and Biotechnology
       Association, China
  • Japan Bioindustry Association (JBA), Japan
  • Taiwan Bio Industry Association, Taiwan
  • Malaysian Biotechnology Information Centre,
  • The Biotech Research Society, India
  • Japan Bioindustry Association, Japan
  • Singapore Society for Microbiology and
        Biotechnology, Singapore
  • Malaysian Society for Biochemistry and Molecular
       Biology, Malaysia
  • Israeli Society of Physiology & Pharmacology, Israel
  • The Biotech Research Society, India
  • The Australian and New Zealand Federation of
       Chemical Engineers, Australia
  • Khalifa Center for Genetic Engineering and
        Biotechnology, UAE
  • Israeli Society of Bioinformatics and Computational
       Biology (ISBCB), Israel

Global Biotechnology Research Centers :


  • NYU Langone Medical Center, USA
  • Cedars-Sinai Medical Center, USA
  • The University of Tokyo Biotechnology Research
       Center, USA
  • Institute For Bioscience And Biotechnology
        Research (IBBR), USA
  • Bioindustrial Innovation Centre, Canada
  • Arkansas Bioscience Institute, USA
  • Applied Research Associates, USA
  • American Institute of Biological Sciences, USA
  • American Type Culture Collection (ATCC), USA
  • Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory, USA
  • DOE Joint Genome Institute (JGI), USA
  • Fraunhofer USA Center for Molecular
       Biotechnology (FhCMB), USA
  • Harvard Stem Cell Institute (HSCI), USA
  • Molecular Sciences Institute, USA
  • National Human Genome Research Institute
       (NHGRI), USA
  • The Hastings Center, USA
  • Virginia Bioinformatics Institute (VBI), USA
  • Seed Biotechnology Center (SBC), USA

Europe :

  • Centre of Molecular Biotechnology, Germany
  • Centre for Genomic Regulation, Spain
  • CIC bioGUNE, Spain
  • Consejo Superior De Investigaciones Científias
       (CSIC), Spain
  • DECHEMA-Forschungsinstitut, Germany
  • Centre for Genomic Regulation (CRG), Spain
  • VIB, Belgium
  • Institut Curie, France
  • Max Delbrück Center for Molecular Medicine,
  • Instituto Gulbenkian de Ciência, Portugal
  • Research Center for Molecular Medicine of the
       Austrian Academy of Sciences, Austria
  • European Institute of Oncology, Italy
  • Central European Institute of Technology, Czech
  • Biotech Research and Innovation Centre, Denmark
  • Babraham Institute, UK
  • Friedrich Miescher Institute for Biomedical
       Research, Switzerland
  • Advent France Biotechnology, France
  • Berlin-Brandenburg Center for Regenerative
        Therapies, Germany

Asia :

  • Nomura Research Institute, Japan
  • JICA Research Institute, Japan
  • Kihara Institute for Biological Research, Japan
  • Korea Research Institute of Bioscience and
       Biotechnology, Republic of Korea
  • Beijing Genomics Institute, China
  • Genome Institute of Singapore, Singapore
  • International Rice Genome Sequencing Project
       (IRGSP), Japan
  • RIKEN Brain Science Institute, Japan
  • RIKEN Center for Developmental Biology, Japan
  • Shanghai Institute of Biological Sciences (SIBS),
  • Walter and Eliza Hall Institute, Australia
  • National Institute of Plant Genome Research, India
  • Asia Pacific Institute of Research, Japan
  • Nomura Research Institute, Japan
  • Center for Research and Development of IoT,
  • JICA Research Institute, Japan
  • Kihara Institute for Biological Research, Japan
  • National Agriculture and Food Research
       Organization, Japan

Middle East :

  • Dubai Science Park, UAE
  • Research Institute Of Medical & Health Sciences
       (SIMHR), UAE
  • Al Jalila Foundation Research Centre, UAE
  • RAK Research and Innovation Center, UAE
  • Agriculture Biotechnology Research Institute of Iran
       (ABRII), Iran
  • Iranian Research Organization for Science and
       Technology, Iran
  • Biosensor Research Center, Iran
  • Agricultural Biotechnology Research Institute of
       Iran, Iran
  • National Institute for Genetic Engineering and
       Biotechnology, Iran
  • Iran Bioinformatics Center, Iran
  • National Nutrition and Food Technology Research
       Institute (NNFTRI), Iran
  • Biotechnology Study Center, Iran
  • National Research Center for Genetic Engineering
       and Biotechnology, Iran
  • Iranian Institute of Cell & Gene Therapy, Iran
  • Research Institute of Plant Protection, Iran
  • Plant Pathology Research Institute of Iran

Global Biotechnology Companies :


  • Aurobindo Pharma , USA
  • Teikoku Pharma, USA
  • Teva Pharmaceuticals USA, USA
  • Kowa Pharmaceuticals America, USA
  • Lannett Company, USA
  • Takeda America Holdings, USA
  • Chiesi Inc., USA
  • OncoMed Pharmaceuticals, USA
  • Zydus Pharmaceuticals USA, USA
  • The Estée Lauder Companies., USA
  • Piramal Enterprises Limited, USA
  • Dairy Farmers of America, USA
  • Microbac Laboratories, USA
  • EMSL Analytical, USA
  • Sierra Molecular Corporation, USA
  • Medline Industries, USA
  • Krier Foods, USA
  • Emergent BioSolutions, USA
  • Amgen Inc, USA
  • Celgene Corporation, USA

Europe :

  • AMS Biotechnology, UK
  • Desktop Genetics ltd, UK
  • Reading Scientific Services Ltd (RSSL), UK
  • i2 Analytical Ltd, UK
  • Labiotech UG, France
  • ABIVAX, France
  • BioMerieux S.A.,France
  • Biocrates Life Sciences AG, Austria
  • TMC Pharma, UK
  • Alacrita, UK
  • APEIRON Biologics AG, Austria
  • F-star Biotechnology Ltd, UK
  • Hookipa Pharma, Austria
  • Valneva SE, France
  • Genenta Science, Italy
  • Galecto Biotech, Denmark
  • Genomic Vision, France
  • OREGA Biotech, France
  • upcyte technologies GmbH, Germany
  • Ares Genetics, Austria

Asia :

  • Bioquell Asia Pacific Pte. Ltd, Singapore
  • Point Asia Pacific Pte Ltd, Singapore
  • Crown Pacific Biotechnology Pte Ltd, Singapore
  • Eppendorf Asia Pacific Sdn. Bhd., Malaysia
  • Playbox Technology Asia Pacific, Malaysia
  • Emmessar Biotech & Nutrition Ltd, India
  • Vcanbio cell & gene engineering corp., ltd, China
  • Ke Rui Gene, China
  • Absea Biotechnology Ltd, China
  • CStone Pharm-B, China
  • Daiichi Sankyo, China
  • i-DNA Biotechnology Pte Ltd, Singapore
  • Amgen, Singapore
  • Austrianova, Singapore
  • Roche Singapore Pte Ltd, Singapore
  • QIAGEN Singapore Pte. Ltd., Singapore
  • Austrianova Singapore Pte. Ltd., Singapore
  • AITbiotech, Singapore
  • Qiagen Biotechnology Malaysia Sdn. Bhd., Malaysia
  • Malaysian Bioeconomy Development Corporation
       Sdn Bhd, Malaysia

Middle East :

  • Bahrain Pharma, UAE
  • Bayer Middle East FZE, UAE
  • Roche Diagnostics Middle East, UAE
  • Gilead Sciences Middle East Office, UAE
  • Genpharm Services, UAE
  • Globalpharma - A Sanofi Company, UAE
  • Metal Fab Middle East FZ LLC, UAE
  • Rhein-Minapharm Biogenetics, Egypt
  • Steba Biotech, Israel
  • NewBridge Pharmaceuticals, UAE
  • AryoGen Pharmed, Iran
  • Epygen Biotech, UAE
  • Orasis Pharmaceuticals, Israel
  • BiomX, Israel
  • Kadimastem, Israel
  • Julphar, UAE
  • Eastern Biotech, UAE
  • ATVIO Biotech, Israel
  • Alliance Global, UAE
  • Biotechnology International Company LLC, UAE

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